So many things have changed in last 10 years. Skype was cool in 2010. Now, we have shifted to Zoom. No one installs desktop apps anymore – everything is on cloud. And the companies who figured out cloud (hello Amazon and Microsoft) are the ones leading the market today. 

The shift is not restricted to what products we use, it is also reflected in the jobs that are growing in demand now.

So, if you are wondering what careers should you pursue post MS or college, we have good news for you!

Here is a compilation of Top 10 STEM careers for next decade with a special focus on engineers and keeping the global markets in mind. 

It is always good to know what skillset are in demand so that you can tailor your education to the needs of the market.

Bigger surprise for me is the relatively low increment in Analytics and Statistical jobs – because I have seen a large number of Analytics programs come up as well as the number of applicants in these fields in last 5 years. The good news is – it remains a relatively higher paying job (I’m guessing that corresponds more with the data science side of things rather than pure analytics). 

Without further ado, here are the careers most in-demand for 2020 as sourced from the studies by US News and other dailies. 

Top Stem Careers for next decade

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