Scholar Strategy started as an Overseas Education Consultant specializing in MS and MBA in USA and Canada. Due to our applicant friendly practices, we get approached for all kind of guidance now. So, here is a quick snapshot of Scholar Strategy award winning counseling services

Find everything you need to succeed

Overseas Education Admission Consultant

MS/PhD/MIS counseling

A STEM program can help you find that coveted job in USA or abroad

Prepare for a solid technical career for industry or research! Nistha graduated from UIUC (MS CS) and ensures you put your best foot forward

  • Selecting most appropriate program & schools
  • Craft compelling story for SOP and LORs

MBA counseling

On average, MBAs reported 50% increase in their salaries post graduation

B Schools are tough to crack esp for Asian applicants. Nistha studied MBA at NYU Stern and specializes in top MBA programs

  • Detailed brainstorm to craft unique story for each essay
  • Thorough reviews of essays and resumes

Undergrad counseling

Ivy League schools admitted only 4% (Harvard) to 10% (Cornell) candidates in 2019

Holistic services for applicants and parents – from discovering if study abroad is right for you to designing an effective admissions strategy once you decide to apply abroad.

  • Full help in selecting colleges and applying
  • Designed for students in classes IX-XII

Our clients have cracked MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UIUC, Columbia, Cornell, Berkeley and other the top MS, MBA and BS programs in USA, Canada and Europe. If you are looking for an overseas education consultant who can understand your dilemma and guide you genuinely, look no further than Nistha.

Unlike other study abroad consultants, we do NOT outsource our process and reviews.

Career Counseling

80% of the high school students take subjects without knowing what it entails. 75% of the engineers are not prepared for the tough job market. On top of that, there are so many courses available online and offline, adding to the confusion.

We believe that a little introspection can help you save money, precious time and energy. So, we have a simple career QnA package where we can advise you whether you should invest in further education, and what kind of education. We are honest in telling you that a degree will not help you and what should you do instead.

This package is for you if you fall into any of the categories below:

  • I am a college grad not sure whether to go for higher studies or take a job
  • My child is confused about what subjects to take in Class XI
  • I am not sure if I should send my child overseas for education
  • I am a professional feeling stuck in my current job and considering MBA (or another course)

Don’t worry, we will accept your query ONLY if we feel we can help you.

Internship/Job Hunt Coaching

Getting into your choice of College or Grad/Business School is only the beginning. We help you prepare months in advance so that you can land your dream internship and fulltime job.

Internship Masterclass

Designed for Grad Students (MS/MBA) who are either going abroad within next 6 months or are in their first year.

  • 4 week interactive group coaching
  • Strategies for finding scholarship, internships and fulltime job
  • Help with job referrals
  • Access to exclusive private facebook group

Resume and LinkedIn Review

It’s tough to fit your entire career on a single sheet of paper or social network profile. We know all the resume and LinkedIn profile tips to help you get hired faster.

  • Professional review and edits of one resume
  • Professional review of LinkedIn with optimization suggestions