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Scholar Strategy is an award-winning STUDY ABROAD ADMISSIONS CONSULTANT for MS/MBA/BS and MIS/Ph.D./MFE/MEM applicants! 

Our clients are attending Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UIUC, Berkeley, Austin, CMU and working/interning at Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Wall Street, Salesforce etc

How can we help?

MS, MBA, BS Admissions Consulting

Get into your top choice of MS/MBA or BS programs with our expert SOP/essays, recommendations and resume guidance. We also help you in profile building if you join us early

Internships/Jobhunt Coaching

A good coach can change your life. Looking for summer internships or your next job? Avail our expert resume building and coaching services to crack your dream job

Career Counseling

Confused if its time to study or get more work experience? Wondering if a certification in Data Science can help you get a better salary? We are here to help you build a career you love


Forget about googling 100 websites. Our FREE 5 day email course will show you how to apply like a Champion!

Why choose Scholar Strategy?

Our study abroad consulting includes complete strategy for getting into the best school you deserve. We do NOT recommend low quality schools where your admission is guaranteed. We do NOT give you Essay/SOP templates that make you look like thousand other applicants. We help you craft your UNIQUE story by rigorous reviews of SOP, LOR, and Essays.

Our applicants from 3-4 years ago are still in touch reach out to us for career advice. Our relationship goes beyond that of a client.

See, your test scores, GPA and employment history are all determined when you start applying. The only thing you can do at that point is to present whatever you have in a professional manner that captures Admission Committee’s attention. We know how to do that. We know how to play to your strengths and cover for your weaknesses. While there is no guarantee, we have been able to help applicants get the best schools possible with their profiles.

Study Abroad Expertise

With Scholar Strategy, you are working with Nistha and not some nameless editor. Graduating from UIUC and NYU Stern, she knows what it takes to get into top schools. She knows what AdCom is looking for.

Closed Group

Kickass advice on our closed FB group – exclusively for clients. With more Scholar Strategy students getting into top schools every year, this group is becoming the most important reason why you should work with us!


Our essay crafting and reviews process is hailed as the best way to present your application by our previous clients. It is uniquely designed to help you reach the ambitious schools.

Honest Practices

Unlike other study abroad consultants, we never give false hopes. We tell you that its going to be a tough journey ahead but we will help you get the best you can. We work only with select students.

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Meet our Founder

Nistha Tripathi, the founder of Scholar Strategy, is a Computer Science graduate from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign 2007 and MBA-dropout from New York University 2011.

An ex-Wall Streeter and early employee in two of Manhattan based tech startups, Nistha is a gold medalist in high school and undergraduate college. Scoring 2320/2400 in GRE and 740/800 in GMAT, she knows what it takes to prep for Grad School.

She has coached 500+ candidates for MS/MBA applications and is proud of the results garnered. She also is an expert career mentor who has helped many of these candidates get internships and go through the hard phase of finding internships and jobs.

What makes her truly unique is her added expertise in writing. She is a bestselling author and has published 3 books. This positions her well to not just advise candidates on what programs are right for them but bring out the best story they can tell in their applications. We are the only admission consultants who have expertise in engineering as well as professional writing.

Our book, MS Book: Smart Engineer’s Complete Guide to MS in USA, is a reference book for Engineers and why they should study abroad. It is filled with Nistha’s own experiences, lessons and the interviews of successful professionals and is touted by the readers as ‘most authentic advice out there’.

Our clients speak for us

  • I know that coming from US undergrad, I had advantages over many other students. But, I wouldn’t have received these results without your counseling and all the information I got from Scholar Strategy. You really pushed me to get the best out of me when writing my SOP and resume! I look forward to paying back by contributing to the Scholar Strategy community in the future. I first discovered Scholar Strategy through a friend in HK. I was recommended a few consulting services, but felt that SS had an edge. Usually for other services, you don't know who will be editing your SOP or they will only look into structure/grammar. As I read more about SS on the website and talked to you on the phone, I could really see you care about the content and have a strong background in CS/Data/Engineering.

    Sandy Stanford MS&E, CMU MCDS
  • I had admits from 9 out of 10 schools I applied to, including MIT and UC, Berkeley and scholarships from other three. I could not have asked for more! I eventually chose MIT. Had it not been for Nistha, I would have never even been able to make it to this embarking journey. Unlike many other counselors who are primarily focused on their business, SS is here to make real difference in people’s life/career and Nistha lives by those values. If you are someone who is truly looking forward to learn and make a difference through a master’s, there cannot be a better place than Scholar Strategy and more dedicated, authentic and knowledgeable counsellor than Nistha. Trust me, you are in best hands at SS!

    Priyasha MIT SDM, Berkeley MIMS
  • The honesty with which the SoPs were reviewed was refreshing. The best part was, I was still writing each word of the SoP on my own, with the best possible feedback I could have gotten. It’s the way its supposed to be. Also, the insight Nistha offered to help me in selecting the right schools to apply to was invaluable.

    Abhinav UCSD CS, CMU MCDS
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