Scholar Strategy has great raves from happy students.

My tuition fee at John Hopkins MBA has reduced down to 20KUSD for two years, with 120K USD in scholarships.

I still remember our first call (with Nistha). That was my first step to get started on study abroad dreams. I am so glad I connected with her.

Thank you for the amazing guidance and tactical strategy for targeting the scholarship conversations with the admission committee. Amazing partnership 🫶

Pooja - Rice MBA ($60K scholarship), John Hopkins MBA ($120K schol), UIUC MBA

The USP of Scholar Strategy is no doubt the story building emphasis that Nistha has for your SOP. Her structured approach to the SOP and helping out with examples for sections where improvements were needed really helped me in preparing a SOP draft which improved leaps and bound over my first version and something I was finally satisfied with. Her past experience with successful applicants also made me confident of her review of other materials. I believe, anybody wanting to refine their SOP and LOR would benefit immensely from her experience.

Mudit - Berkeley MIMS, CMU MIIS, UChicago Stats, UMich MSDS

After a disappointing application cycle for Fall 20 where I received rejects from all of my preferred universities, I reached out to Nistha and team for help for my Fall 21 applications.

From the get go, the process is so streamlined and smooth. I received emails about next steps and how to go about everything. Nistha is very focused and has the ability to find notice and point out even the most minute details that make a huge difference in the quality of me essays and applications.

The difference in my SOP and LORs from last year was night and day. Nistha was also really helpful in terms of finalizing the right universities and courses for me. Without her, I would never gotten admits from UC Berkeley, UMass Amherst, Wisconsin Madison etc.

With Nistha, the most important thing I felt was that she was genuinely invested in my profile and applications and that showed in how she worked alongside me.

Rishabh (CS, MIS) - Berkeley, UW Madison

Coming from a non-STEM background, I was really nervous about my application for MS CS program. Unlike other services that just gives advice of what a typical MSCS SOP should look like, she really took time to understand my story and strategize the strongest way to present it while staying true to myself. I got admitted to my top choice at NEU without having to go through anymore prerequisites courses. Thank you!

Sherly (CS) - NEU

I could see the difference with each review, and the final draft was completely different.
Her comments gave my words a soul and made them seem more alive. I was also able to link each of my experiences to my career goal through the brainstorming session, which improved not only my sop but also my future plan.

Maria (EECS) - UCSD, USC

Thank you for the honest feedback on the SOP. The preparation for the SOPs helped me in the interviews and I would recommend Nistha for a friend looking for higher studies especially in US

Santhosh (MBA) - Schulich Canada

I am in awe of the value and momentum Nistha and ScholarStrategy offered to progression of my calling. Those SOP critiques and university evaluations deepened my belief that a person can do more than he assume. The structure of SS helped me realize that aspirations need perseverance and a strategy. Thank you so much again and Keep transforming lives!

Aekansh (Biomedical) - Georgia Tech

The best thing about the SOP reviewing was the to-the-point feedback and I am really thankful to Nistha for her excellent advice and reviews. Also, the SOP preparation call along with the mastermind sessions were really good and helpful. Learned a lot from Nistha’s experience and guidance.

Kartik (CS NLP) - UCSC

Nistha is a wonder woman. She is committed to your success so all I ask of you is to trust her process, and commit to it too. From the first conversation I had with her, she has been candid in helping me plan my goals and ensured that I put my best foot forward while crafting my story. There were times when I felt under-confident but Nistha’s coaching expertise, widespread student/professional network, honest feedback and focused approach instilled the confidence I needed. I highly recommend every aspiring graduate student to read her MS Book as a comprehensive guide for your Master’s journey. My association with Nistha has provided me with a valuable perspective, beyond college applications. She continues to inspire, mentor and transform my outlook towards my professional growth and personal development. Working with her has been a true pleasure and I am always going to cherish this incredible learning experience, thank you!

Bhavyadisha (MEM) - Dartmouth, Cornell, CMU, Columbia, NW

Being an international student herself in the past, Nistha can understand the perspective of the upcoming graduate aspirants and help them accordingly. Every nuances of the SOP and LOR drafts gets thoroughly reviewed before being finalised and the IMAP session are great for career advise. I really enjoyed the overall experience.

Reet (CS) - UTD, ASU


  1. In the past, I have enrolled in the Resume & LOR masterclass; it was an eye-opener for me. Provided LOR & Resue samples have helped in crafting my application for the niche. Thanks, Nistha!

  2. I would like to know the cost of counselling and the services provided by you and different packages, if any.

  3. I would like to know the cost of counselling and the services provided by you and different packages, if any.

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