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Thank you so much for guiding me through the applications. Without your guidance, I might not have applied to CU Boulder and definitely would not have gotten through. I am happy to share that I got through Google, Amazon, Salesforce and Spotify for my summer internship.

Surya, CU Boulder CS, CMU MIS

I know that coming from US undergrad, I had advantages over many other students. But, I wouldn’t have received these results without your counseling and all the information I got from Scholar Strategy. You really pushed me to get the best out of me when writing my SOP and resume! I look forward to paying back by contributing to the Scholar Strategy community in the future.

I first discovered Scholar Strategy through a friend in HK. She is from India, and she told me she heard great things about Scholar Strategy from her friends. I was recommended a few consulting services, but felt that SS had an edge. Usually for other services, you don’t know who will be editing your SOP or they will only look into structure/grammar. As I read more about SS on the website and talked to you on the phone, I could really see you care about the content and have a strong background in CS/Data/Engineering.

Sandy Leeadmitted to Stanford MS&E, CMU MCDS

The best part about Scholar Strategy is “No Spoon Feeding”. You get to write your SOP in your own words unlike other consultants. Nistha’s suggestions and subtle changes have increased the quality of SOP significantly. She is frank and never hesitated to tell her if something is not going well. I got to learn a lot from her through this experience. Thanks a lot. 😀

Sumanth, USC, CU Boulder EE, VT MEng

The honesty with which the SoPs were reviewed was refreshing. The best part was, I was still writing each word of the SoP on my own, with the best possible feedback I could have gotten. It’s the way its supposed to be. Also, the insight Nistha offered to help me in selecting the right schools to apply to was invaluable.


Thanks a lot Nistha for making my dream of attending world’s most prestigious telecom program come true. It would not have been possible without your guidance.

Rakshit, UMN EE, UMCP Telecom, NCSU Networks

Once again thanks for helping me improve my SOP. Your comments really played a major role!

Vaishnavi, CMU, TAMU EE

Really stoked about this. Thanks for all your help. The SOP really worked for this particular program’s objectives.

Mohonish, CMU MS SE

Thank you so much, Nistha. It would not have been possible without your guidance. The admit from UChicago was a dream come true. I still believe that the turning point for all my applications was the SOP. I don’t have enough words to thank you. Keep up with good work.

Ashish, UChicago, Purdue Stats

I would like to thank Nistha for her guidance and support during the application process. The brainstorming and one-one sessions were very helpful and I cannot thank Scholar Strategy enough.

Avinash, UMN EE

I was a mid-career professional in my early thirties when I started my journey with Scholar Strategy (SS). Tired with the monotonous job, and frustrated with corporate politics, I was probably going through a ‘mid-career’ crisis, not really sure where I wanted to go. This is when Nistha came to my rescue and trust me she is the best counsellor I have ever had in my life! Having spent 12 years in IT industry, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do an MBA and that’s when Nistha helped me figure that going for an interdisciplinary master’s program (such as MEM/MIMS/MIS) might be a good idea. The best part about Nistha is that she never imposes here ideas on you, rather, she would ask such right questions which will eventually help you figure out your own answers!

Managing a decent GMAT score, we embarked on the journey of applications. I was not sure how my 12 years of experience would play out (might have been a negative factor!) and Nistha too was handling such an applicant for the first time. But as best as she is, we cracked it really well. She worked really hard and made sure I come up with my unique story and that’s what I believe made all the difference in my essays and LORs. She guides, motivates and pushes you to your maximum, and that truly reflects in the results.

I had admits from 9 out of 10 schools I applied to, including MIT and UC, Berkeley and scholarships from other three. I could not have asked for more! I eventually chose MIT.
Had it not been for Nistha, I would have never even been able to make it to this embarking journey. Unlike many other players in this domain who are primarily focused on their business, Scholar Strategy is here to make real difference in people’s life/career and Nistha lives by those values. If you are someone who is truly looking forward to learn and make a difference through a master’s, there cannot be a better place than Scholar Strategy and more dedicated, authentic and knowledgeable counsellor than Nistha. Trust me, you are in best hands at SS!!

Priyasha, MIT SDM, Berkeley, Washington, MIS

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  1. I would like to know the cost of counselling and the services provided by you and different packages, if any.

  2. I would like to know the cost of counselling and the services provided by you and different packages, if any.

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