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I was a mid-career professional in my early thirties when I started my journey with Scholar Strategy (SS). Tired with the monotonous job, and frustrated with corporate politics, I was probably going through a ‘mid-career’ crisis, not really sure where I wanted to go. This is when Nistha came to my rescue and trust me she is the best counsellor I have ever had in my life! Having spent 12 years in IT industry, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do an MBA and that’s when Nistha helped me figure that going for an interdisciplinary master’s program (such as MEM/MIMS/MIS) might be a good idea. The best part about Nistha is that she never imposes here ideas on you, rather, she would ask such right questions which will eventually help you figure out your own answers!

Managing a decent GMAT score, we embarked on the journey of applications. I was not sure how my 12 years of experience would play out (might have been a negative factor!) and Nistha too was handling such an applicant for the first time. But as best as she is, we cracked it really well. She worked really hard and made sure I come up with my unique story and that’s what I believe made all the difference in my essays and LORs. She guides, motivates and pushes you to your maximum, and that truly reflects in the results.

I had admits from 9 out of 10 schools I applied to, including MIT and UC, Berkeley and scholarships from other three. I could not have asked for more! I eventually chose MIT.
Had it not been for Nistha, I would have never even been able to make it to this embarking journey. Unlike many other players in this domain who are primarily focused on their business, Scholar Strategy is here to make real difference in people’s life/career and Nistha lives by those values. If you are someone who is truly looking forward to learn and make a difference through a master’s, there cannot be a better place than Scholar Strategy and more dedicated, authentic and knowledgeable counsellor than Nistha. Trust me, you are in best hands at SS!!

Priyasha, MIT SDM, Berkeley, Washington, MIS

I will be graduating from Portland State University in 2018, completing my Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering – and I would like to thank Scholar Strategy for enabling me for a journey that I never planned to do.

A little bit of history about myself, I was working as a Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise for 2 years and there has been something constant throughout my time there – total dislike for the job and thoughts on how to get out it for good. Nistha played a pivotal role in giving me a launchpad for my dreams – I got 3 admits for my MS in ECE – Portland State University, UT-Dallas and Clemson. I did apply to many highly ranked university, but I didn’t have the combined background, GRE/TOEFL scores and financial capacity to fetch an admit. I was even in a stage where I had to drop my plans because I couldn’t get a student loan, until i could get a small amount that was just sufficient to meet PSU’s I-20 requirement for visa interview.

Fast forward 2 years…I am glad to be graduating with an impressive CGPA, thankful and blessed for 5 Teaching Assistant roles over 4 terms, a Fall Internship with AMD as CPU Verification Engineer, and more importantly 6 full time offers – 3 from Intel, one from Cadence CPU, one from Micron Technology and one from Ampere Computing CPU – all Verification Engineer roles. Along my journey, I did fail at Apple onsite, Google onsite, Intel onsite as well as AMD onsite. I also received calls from NVIDIA and Facebook – All the failures came during Feb-March mid and I had the worst start possible. But the fact that I could reach Apple and Google for their onsite, being from Portland State, was a game changer – the outcome of all failures is disappointing but the confidence it gave me was massive. It made me prepare for what was best for me and I could follow it with many full time offers – and in exactly the same role what I wanted my job to be – in CPU – I could crack interviews by beating candidates from higher ranked universities.

Nistha always said about hard work, believing in your abilities, networking and never giving up – and my experience is a perfect example of her advice.

Melvin, Intel, Cadence, EE

The time I approached Nistha, honestly I was skeptic about my profile and admission prospective. Due to tight schedule at job, I couldn’t do much justice to my Gre score and was pretty late for my application process(December). But following Nistha’s guidelines, I have been able to crack seven universities as of now which includes TAMU(for comp engineering). Best part of scholarstrategy is Nistha will make you work on your SOP/Profile in a manner that important aspects of your profile are well highlighted. I would totally suggest Scholar Strategy.

Shreya, TAMU, CU (CE), UCI Embedded

Nistha was introduced to me by a friend. I trusted my friend and have never looked back. Nistha is very professional and supportive. She has vast experience and transparency. If you are looking for honest advice and are ready to work hard, she can be a go to person to navigate you through the tedious process.

Sahil, Columbia MSBA, TAMU, CMU, Washington (MIS)

I dropped a year due to health issues and used that time to prepare for Masters in US. But this year gap was increasing and joining Scholar Strategy was a wake-up call. I was totally confused regarding the course to pursue and Nistha made it clear to me. She showed me the path to identify my passions. And from there on, the sail was smooth. The timely facebook posts, quora answers, her book, the presentations and the feedback on my documents are very valuable for me.

Rex, Wisconsin, USC (CS), UVA DS

Working with Nistha has been a wonderful experience. It was due to her insightful SOP reviews that I was able to turn an average initial draft into a much more competitive SOP. The active Facebook community of Scholar strategy is an invaluable resource. Seniors provide advice and clear doubts on various topics like school evaluation, interview questions, job/internship/scholarship opportunities and VISA issues. More than anything else, Nistha really cares about your career and that is what sets her apart from other counselors.

Aditya, Duke, UMass Amherst (MEM)

Nistha is very professional in her approach. Genuinely interested to help you to present your best aspect. She directs and helps you to think hard about why do you want to pursue the program – this makes your SOP original and not inspired from hundreds of SOP templates out there. Dissatisfied with multiple consultancies in past, I was very skeptical before joining Scholar Strategy, but a conversation with Nistha and her straightforward nature, convinced me to sign up – I am glad I did. I got an admit from MSE, Carnegie Mellon.

Vishwas, CMU (SE)

Nistha really helped me get the best SOP out there, with every iteration that we went through. I being a reapplicant realized how coherent and concise my words looked, after the final version was approved. From shortlisting universities to mentoring as to which one we should join, Nistha has been a great mentor.

Kamal, NCSU, CU Boulder (CS)

Amazing experience. Scholar Strategy gets the best out of a person! Would instantly recommend Scholar Strategy to anyone looking forward to pursue a master’s degree, especially in computer science.

Shikhar, CMU Silicon Valley (SE)

Iowa State University has offered me Teaching Assistantship that covers 90% of my expenses. RIT offered 20% scholarship! Nistha’s way of helping me by teaching me to help myself has made this result possible!

Amit, ISU, RIT (Mechanical)

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  1. I would like to know the cost of counselling and the services provided by you and different packages, if any.

  2. I would like to know the cost of counselling and the services provided by you and different packages, if any.

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