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How to contact Scholar Strategy for planning a kickass career?

India’s leading Career Coaching

If you are considering applying for MS/MBA and need consulting advice from Nistha, please check out this page instead. The form below is only for other career queries.

If you are feeling stuck in an unfulfilling career, please schedule a call by following the steps below.


Go to our calendar on this link and book a time to talk on phone – note that this call may not resolve your issues, it is done to let you see how exactly we can help you.

Career guidance takes weeks and Nistha is a certified career coach. Her expertise lies in helping you FIND CLARITY and FAST TRACKING YOUR PROGRESS. If you find this call helpful, you can request a TRIAL session with Nistha (available at our discretion).


You MUST fill out
this form below before you contact us so that we can have your background information. Note that filling this form alone does NOT alert us, so you STILL NEED TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. We do not misuse any of the information filled here, but we cannot entertain any phone calls or email until you have filled this form out.

If you prefer to open the form in a new window and fill it, you can do so here.

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