Take one step closer to your dream career abroad with Scholar Strategy Internship and Job Masterclass

(average salaries of 100,000+ USD)

Switching from IT to Product Management became doable with Scholar Strategy’s masterclass. If one closely follows the step by step guidance, it is absolutely feasible to land a great opportunity.

Priyasha (Product Manager, Salesforce)

Internship Masterclass

Why should you join?

Getting into your choice of College or Grad/Business School is only the beginning. Most of the students do not realize how quickly time goes by and before they know, the career fairs start and they are completely unprepared for it.

While most counselors focus on getting you admitted anywhere for now, we at Scholar Strategy look for your long term growth and career satisfaction. Therefore, we introduced a unique masterclass on how to ace the recruiting process in Grad School and colleges.

We designed a program crafted to help you prepare months in advance so that you can land your dream internship and fulltime job abroad.

This package is for you if you fall into any of the categories below:

  • You are heading for an MS/MBA/MIS or any Master’s level professional program within next 6 months
  • You are in first year of your Master’s program or 3rd year of your Bachelor’s program in USA, Canada or Europe

This was one of the most informative sessions which will surely put the attendees at advantage. The fact that it presented a generic roadmap and to-do list for students before and after entering the United States, it helps students to think about career prospects, job listings, courses to register for, documents to prepare etc. with a planned schedule. Oftentimes, students say that they wished they had started planning about job/internships, networking and registering for right courses early, And this session addressed all issues with detailed information, thus making us realize to start working on those things at the earliest

Raghav (Duke MEM, CNN)

Hey Nistha, last month I recieved two internship offers from Meta and Nvidia. I went ahead and accepted Nvidia Internship offer as the role was more challenging and it was also something which even I was looking for.

Thanks for all the advice. One key take away which I got from your sessions was to apply early and I started applying while I was still in India. I had my first internship interview setup on August 23rd from Apple (got rejected after 5 rounds) and finally landed an offer on December 20th.

Gokul (Stonybrook EE, AMD, Nvidia)

Success Stories

Our candidates have gone on to work for world’s most coveted companies, receiving annual salaries of 100,000+ USD

I bagged a summer internship at Chan-Zuckerberg initiative in Bay Area. Internship process went smoothly for me and I applied to only 30 places. It was all because of your guidance that this was so easy for me. Thank you so much!

Ajita Shukla (see how she got her internship)

Nistha is amazing, she inspired me a lot to grow professionally and has taught and brought into practice some amazing insights on networking and profile management.

Kashish Pahwa, heading to CMU MS SE 2020

Insightful, informative, practical would be right words to describe this ‘Masterclass.’ All I can say is that I am better prepared to tackle any job interview and the job hunt would be a lot easier by following the tips discussed in these sessions. It was really worth spending money and my time.

Aditya Saxena, heading Fall 2020
places where scholar strategy clients are working abroad

Internship Masterclass Program Fee

Rs 9999 12999 only for a limited time. Fill the form below to avail the discounted offer.

Cohort 6 will run from March 6th to April 10th. Submit the form below if you want to enroll.

Whats included in the price?

The program includes 5 weekly teleclasses (1.5 hours each) that will cover:

  • How to look for scholarships in college or grad school
  • How to build effective resume and LinkedIn profiles
  • How to prepare for internship and fulltime job hunt
  • How to do actual job hunt

Since everyone will be applying to different jobs, we will not cover technical interviews but we will tell you how to plan for those.


  • Behavioral interview preparation which is common for all job applications
  • Access to exclusive private community where you can pair up with other fellows for interview practice etc
  • Introductions to our alums who may be relevant in your job hunt

If you cannot see the enrollment form on right, click here

How to join?

Fill the form above to express your interest in our next batch. We will invite you to pay and enroll if your profile meets our requirement.

Don’t worry, we will accept you ONLY if we feel we can help you.

Who should join it?

Overall, the course will tell you how to spend your next few weeks in targeted job preparation so that you can job hunt more effectively. This had been designed especially for people who are heading in coming Fall.

We cover the following topics

  1. How to decide on primary and secondary roles
  2. How to find companies for applying
  3. How to create winning resume and LinkedIn profiles keeping in mind ATS resume filters
  4. How to target companies with effective cover letters (all the more relevant for techno management roles)
  5. How to use on-campus and off-campus job hunt
  6. How to network effectively and get job referrals
  7. How to prepare for behavioral interviews and do well at any interview (all the more relevant for techno management roles)

The course has been refined over last 5 years and contains strategies for recession based job search that Nistha herself used in her MBA days at NYU. She got 2 fulltime offers in her first year itself and hence, dropped out.

Most of the above topics are relevant to people irrespective of location and industry.

We think that the mindset to find jobs in a tough economy is very different from those in normal times. We are heading into a GLOBAL RECESSION. Recessions can be good because they weed out average people and only the fittest survive. Nistha thrived when 2008 meltdown happened and she wants you to do the same through this course.


Why is it so expensive?

This is not a recorded session that you watch passively and drop out in between. Every session is LIVE, highly interactive and you get a chance to ask your questions and get advice directly from Nistha. We believe that the sessions are highly valuable and that is why we want to attract those who are serious about their careers. We have seen our participants completing the full course because they are invested in it just as much as we are in your success.

Will this be live or pre-recorded?

100% live.

Can I get a refund?

Sorry we are not able to offer refunds for now. Please check the testimonials and ask us questions before joining if you are not sure. We are happy to answer your queries on [email protected][dot]com

I am not going to study this Fall. Will it still be relevant to me?

This is specifically useful for people going to study in US/Europe/Canada this Fall since we talk about finding scholarships in Grad Schools as well. If you are not planning to study abroad, you would be able to use 85% of this course still.