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Having done MS CS and dropped out of MBA program from top 10 schools in USA, this blog is a distillation of what Nistha experienced as well as what she learned after working with almost 500 applicants.

More than 25,000 people have read the advice contained here to get into good graduate schools.

One aspect of Scholar Strategy is to share amazing resources with the community – including application advice, information, case studies, free downloads and paid MS BOOK. We do this here, on Quora, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Another aspect is one on one guidance (handled purely by Nistha herself) where we give totally frank and authentic advice keeping your long-term interests in mind. Given the kind of time and energy we put into it, our packages are designed accordingly. We work with only a few applicants who we think we can help genuinely.

People with decent but not starry profiles are getting into top schools. Be it a fresher who got into Harvard CS, or someone with 13 years of experience getting into MIT or someone from not-IIT making it to UIUC, UT Austin ECE – we have people conquering it all. So can you.

Why should you study abroad

Studying abroad helped transform me from a protected individual not knowing what is happening in the world to a confident self-sustaining professional who had the option to work at some of the most coveted jobs in most coveted locations or start a new venture and live by one’s own definition. Irrespective of the choice, studying abroad helps you grow as a person.

Which program is right for you

The number of programs are increasing. One must evaluate carefully based on individual preferences and feasibility of admission. In many cases, it is wise to apply to a mix of programs.

If you are looking for feedback from current students on specific schools, check out our reviews page.

How to apply to MS/MIS/MBA/PhD

How to manage finances

Studying abroad can be expensive but you will be surprised that >50% of graduate students are paying only a fraction of the cost you see online. This is because assistantships are relatively common in engineering courses (of course exceptions apply). Most of the students end up getting some form of support eventually. And there are courses which are less expensive and affordable without loans (for a upper middle class person). So, studying abroad is less unaffordable than you think and you do not have to compromise on your dreams.

How to find jobs

One of the reasons studying abroad is so lucrative is because you get to work with better companies in more impactful roles. Most of the innovation currently is happening in American and European companies. The situation is slowly changing and Asia is catching up but it will still take time. And one of the best way to enter the job market in USA is to graduate from a school in USA and get OPT.

Our students from last 2-3 years have reported offers from Tesla, Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm and every top company. In Mastermind, we focus on internship hunt before you land in USA because we know what it takes.

Next Steps for YOU

If you are trying to decide and understand what all MS is about, I have written a full book that not only covers information but interviews of successful grads about how they made the best of their professional lives after pursuing an MS. Read it here.

If you are looking for personal help from Nistha, read how we can help you get into really good schools realistically (we do not outsource reviews or believe in templates). We do not have 100% dream results (we wish someday we do) but we try our best.

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