We did the full series on the process for applying for MS in USA universities. To summarize, please check out the following articles-


We looked at the following components of the application process-

  1. GRE, TOEFL – Read the article here.
  2. Shortlisting schools for your aspirations – Read the article here.
  3. Preparing required documents for the application
    1. Read the SOP article here.
    2. Read the LOR article here.
    3. Read the Resume article here.
  4. Apply by the deadline – Once you have finished the steps above, you are all set to submit the online applications to each university. The only components not sent by you are the LORs, so ensure that your recommenders submit those on time as well.

Familiarize yourself with the process well before actually starting anything so that you know what all you need to do.

Found this useful? Do you now want to know what matters more in your applications and how to actually strengthen your profile? We are not talking about generic stuff but specific things you can do to stand out. All this is covered in our MS Book: Smart Engineer’s Complete Guide to MS in USA which has been receiving fascinating reviews from readers and applicants alike.

Want to read the whole process easily in a PDF? 

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  1. Thanks, I like the organized information you provide. Can you share the process for GMAT as well?

  2. How can I get the ebook?

  3. I need to know if I can apply to different department. I did BE in IT but I want to MS in Mechanical. what should I do?

  4. I am doing BE in Mechanical Engineering……..I want to do M- Tech in Mechanical……….what should I do?

  5. I m in 2sem of engenering from vellore institute of technology. So i want to do m. Tech from california what should i do

    • You should study the MS Book right now and familiarize yourself with the process and what to expect in grad school. If you read it thoroughly, you will be able to crack a better university when you apply in your 3rd year – scholarstrategy.com/smart-engineer-book

  6. I have H4 visa . I had completed my Mechanical engineering . How i can apply for MS?

  7. hi
    i have done btech in electronics and comm. engg (2010-2014) and in last year i completed my mtech in nanoscience and nanotechnoloy (2015-2017). What should i do next? should i apply for MS ? my IELTS score is 7. Please guide me!

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