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MS in MIS, MEM, MIM – engineering management programs

ms in mis

More applicants are considering MS in MIS and MEM programs for their Master’s ambitions these days. Let us understand the scope of these programs and whether you should consider them too. The process for applying to these programs is same as MS in USA.

What is MS in MIS about?

MS in MIS stands for Master’s in Management Information System. It is one of the most popular techno-management programs that engineers go for.

Specifically, MS in MIS is an engineering management program that teaches how to use IT to manage huge volumes of business-relevant information to facilitate strategic decision-making. One might think of it as a less competitive version of MBA specializing in IS (but then, less reputed than an MBA too).

Why are techno-management programs getting more popular?

As technology spreads to every tiny aspect of our lives, role of engineering management is becoming more relevant in every domain and industry. Be it pharmaceutical or an agricultural company, everyone is dealing with information. While chemical, mechanical, civil, hardware electronics engineering deal with tangible products, software and computer engineering deal with the abstract information.

Understandably, there has been a constant increase in the demand for managers who understand technology and management aspects alike. This gave rise to programs such as MEM (MS in Engineering Management), MIS (Management Information Systems), MIM (MS in Information Management), MSIS (MS in Information Systems) and so forth.

With few differences, these programs aim at combining technical depth with business breadth so that the students can understand both management and engineering language. One theme that underlines all these programs is that they are core business programs with engineering electives or vide versa. The focus is still on management courses such as statistics, analytics, supply chain etc and one can pick electives in database, programming, networks etc.

What is the curriculum of MIS and MEM programs?

It has a combination of engineering and management electives. Some programs are heavier on engineering courses and some are more focused on management courses. Therefore, it is crucial to study the curriculum before choosing to apply to a program – make sure it fulfills your interest.

Some MIS courses also offers specialization tracks. For example, CMU MISM offers following tracks:

  • Managing AI & Robotics
  • Digital Marketing & Commerce
  • Business Intelligence
  • IT Strategy & Management
  • Health Care Informatics

Duke MEM is more business oriented and offers the following:

  • Customer Experience and Product Design
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Product Management
  • Technology Development and Commercialization
  • Entrepreneurship and Founders

Engineering electives can include:

  • Data Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Networking 
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Business electives/core can include:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Modeling

What are the TOP MS in MIS programs?

Here are our handpicked 10 best Management Information Systems courses-

1. CMU MISMThe three semester, 16-month curriculum can be reduced to one year for those with at least three years of professional work experience. One of the most prestigious and job friendly MIS programs. However, it can be expensive but you are getting a CMU degree.$75,100
for 16 months
2. MIT MSMSThe MSMS degree is 90-unit curriculum, with courses at Sloan, in other MIT departments and Harvard University. Those are two schools to kill for – enough said. $84,134 for 12 months
3. University of California, Berkeley MISMThe 48-unit degree program is intentionally interdisciplinary, combining aspects of computer science, cognitive science, psychology and sociology, economics, business, law, library/information studies, and communications.$71,767 for 12 months
4. New York University MSISCombining computer technology from Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and business preparation from Stern School of Business, the MSIS at NYU prepares graduates for successful careers in management positions that require deep technical skills.$68,517 for 12 months
5. Texas A&M University MSISTexas A&M is one of the most affordable comprehensive public universities in the nation. The department also offers scholarships and graduate assistantships.$51,000 for a year
6. Indiana University– Bloomington MSISGraduates of this program are in high demand, with 97 percent of them receiving job offers before graduation.$45,000 for 12 months
7. Arizona State University MSIMClasses for the twelve-month on-campus program are designed to accommodate working professionals. Small class sizes and evening classes allow students to get an intimate, collaborative experience while not having to put their careers on hold.$60,000 for 12 months
8. University of Texas at Austin MSITM10 month, STEM designated degree that creates business leaders prepared for disruptive innovations due to emerging technologies, such as deep learning and blockchain.$55,000 for 12 months
9. University of Texas, Dallas MSITMThe Master of Science in Information Technology and Management is a 36-credit curriculum that prepares students to better understand the world of information technology.$37,000 for 12 months
10. Georgia State University MSISThe MSIS offers concentrations in big data management and analytics, enterprise systems, cybersecurity, information technology, health informatics, and management of information technology.$55,000 for 12 months

What is MEM program?

MEM stands for Master’s in Engineering Management. It is the generic techno-management program with courses in Marketing, Finance, Management, Operations, Modeling and available engineering electives (not just software but industrial engineering, nanotechnology etc).

Duke MEM program
Duke MEM students by backgrounds

Duke’s MEM program is leading in this category. Look at their electives to get a sense of the course offering. Above chart shows how the incoming student profile is distributed. As you can see, it is widely spread among various engineering majors.

Some other engineering or techno-management programs go under the names of MIM, MSIS, MISM etc.

What kind of jobs can you land after MIS or MEM programs?

MIS – Expect roles such as IT consultants, data analytics engineer, system analysts, data analysts, systems engineer, database administrators.

MEM prepare candidates for consulting, business analysis in any engineering related work function.

Also read FAQ for MIS/MEM programs

If you found this useful, there is lot more information in MS Book: Smart Engineer’s Complete Guide to MIS in USA

Our students are joining MIS/MEM/MS Business Analytics/MS Data Science programs at Columbia, UT Austin, CMU, TAMU, Duke, Syracuse, Buffalo, NEU, UIC etc every year. Contact us if you need help with your MIS/MEM applications.


  1. Hi,

    Below are my credentials.

    GRE -316
    Work Ex. – 5.5 years (Accenture, Sapient)(Software Engineer)
    GPA- 81%
    I am planning to go for either MEM or STEM MBA. Please provide a review about my profile and what would be the top universities to apply for with that profile.

  2. Is there any college in india offers mem course??

  3. Hi, I have done Electrical and Electronic Engineering and have 3 years experience in Web Development.
    I’m interested in MIS course. How will it be suitable for my career?
    How are the job opportunities in Canada for MIS ?

  4. I am BE mechanical engineering graduate and with two years of experience in the Field of HVAC.Can i do a MS in MEM in US? does it require a work experience in the management field to get admission in US?

  5. Hi. I am a Structural Engineer with 5 years experience. Will MIS be suitable for my career?

  6. Hello How can I know which universities include MIS in STEM Course.I searched many sites but that does not give clear idea about the university which include mis in stem. Please help me out.

  7. Hi Nistha Tripathi,
    I completed my BE in information science in 2016, I’m not much interested in programming, coding i mean technical part.., But i want to continue in my field doing MIM, Which course is best in management ? MIS? Digital Marketing? etc.. Is France good to do MIM? Please do reply
    Thank you.

  8. plz guide me, can i apply for msc in civil having the domicile of Punjab?

  9. hi, I wanted to know if I can apply for mis to NYU, I do not have work experience.
    but is there any chance?

  10. Hi Nistha,

    I got an admit from UIUC MSIM program. Do you think I should go for Information Management degree. How are the Job prospects in US?

  11. Hi.. I am a chemical engineer , working in a reputed oil and gas company for more than 2 years now. I want to switch my profile.
    GRE – 316
    Can I go ahead and apply for MIS Course ?
    Will my chemical background lower my chances for MIS ?
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hello, thanks for the wonderful info.
    I am in a confusion, it’s mentioned that candidates with work ex are preferred, but I have graduated in 2016 and my GRE score is 317 with good academics.

    I want to apply to either MIS/MEM but without work ex. , would my application be rejected? I really need some clarification on this.


  13. Hi. Thanks for sharing the information. I want your suggestion for something. I have done in ECE and Mba in marketing from India and i am working in Sales job based on my mba campus recruitment. Now i want to further study MS in usa. Which course do you think i should choose? MS in Cs or MIS or MEM?? I have interest in computer related subjects but i have never done programming as a core subject.
    What would you suggest?. Thanks

  14. Hi
    First of all thank you so much for this useful information
    this is very helpful.
    I got admit to Syracuse MEM to fall2016 with 30% Scholarship
    and IIT Chicago MSCS with no scholarship
    but i am not able to decide between these two.
    could you please share your view about this
    (pls give some idea about MEM job scenario also for international student)
    Thanks in advance for your valuable input

  15. Hii, my gre score is 300.
    2 yrs work exp
    GPA :- 3.00
    Is is possible that i could northeastern ???

  16. Hi Nishta ,

    PFB profile details

    GRE – 319 (Quant – 162 , Verbal – 157)
    Work Experience – 4 years (Infosys and Tech Mahindra)
    Graduation – BE Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
    Graduation University – University of Pune
    Graduation Aggregate (Avg. of all 4 years) – 67.1 (Distinction)

    Target Universities –

    University of Texas Dallas (considered safe as per Edulix and Stupid Sid )

    Any higher ranked university which can be applied with reasonably good chances ?

  17. Hi , According to you is UIUC MSTM (1 year , expensive fee)program more valued when compared to UTD MSTM program.
    The course is different but your opinion will be great.
    Would like to know your views.

  18. Hi
    How is Arizona State University’s Masters in Management. I cannot get much information on it. Can you please suggest. Thanks

  19. Hi Nistha
    I’m a student of btech, cse third year. I am literally very confused what should I do now, whether I should go for a job after btech or do higher studies. I’m in a dilemma. Can you please guide me regarding this issue. It’ll be highly appreciable.

  20. Hi Ma’am,
    I wished to know regarding the Masters in Management program that is being offered by many universities and by the Kellog School of Business as well.Is it a good program and does it have scope like an MBA?

  21. Hi Nistha!

    I am an Electrical Engineer. I want to pursue Engineering Management. What is the career after doing this course. Also I have a experience of 2+ in a manufacturing industry. i am yet to give GRE and IELTS. Plz help me suggesting some good universities.

    Thanks in advance.

  22. Hi nishta,

    I did my engineering in computers in 2015.
    And I am confused with the degrees MIS or MEM . plz let me know in terms of job perspective because I am interested more in the management side but I don’t know what kind of specific jobs are available.
    Kindly help

  23. I have completed my masters in computer science and i wish to study more. I’m confused between mim and mis. i do not like programming and wish to do something on the management side. Could you please suggest the better of the two?

  24. Hi I got 298 in gre and I have 2yr of work ex and my GPA is 8.47.I want to apply for MIS for Fall 2016.Please suggest me colleges according to my profile.

  25. Hi Nistha,

    I did my undergrads in EC . CGPA – 9.2/10 , 10th: 94 12th :83%
    GRE -305 (Quant-160, verbal: 145) TOEFL – expecting 100 +
    WORK Exp- 2+ in MNC ( as DBA) . Decent LOR, strong SOP
    Please suggest some colleges for MIS or MEM

  26. Hi Nistha,

    I did my undergrads in CS . CGPA – 8.98/10
    GRE -316
    TOEFL – 104
    IELTS – 8
    WORK Exp- 1+ in MNC
    Decent extras.
    Could you please suggest universities for my profile?
    I am planning to apply for MIS/MEM.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Due to high volume of queries, not able to provide personalised guidance on blog. You can contact us if you are interested in our counseling packages. We have great MIS results from Fall 2014 –

  27. Hi Nistha,

    I completed my Btech. in CSE with 77% and having an experience of 2.1 years in famous MNC in India, 10th- and 12th- 85%.
    I am having profile of java development, worked in development for past 2 years. I want to pursue MS in MIS, will be appearing for GRE next month. Is my profile apt for MIS?

    • I will need more details to comment substantially but yes, you can go for MIS.

      • Details as in?
        I want to know being in java development domain and from CS background, Apart from good GRE score. will my profile be selected by good universities?

  28. Hii Nistha !!
    KUDOS to you.Really you are doing a great job by helping many applicants who dream of studying in the US.I am a 2016 fall MIS applicant.Completed my BE from SRM UNIVERSITY Chennai in ECE.My profile is BE-7.6 ,GRE -305(q-159,v146,awa-3) taking up IELTS on 19th sept.Will be having a work-exp of 18 months till next fall in TCS.Have got decent extra curricular(have won many State and National level singing competition in college as well as school),lead vocalist of a professional band,organised many musical and other events in college,was Convenor of a club in college,have been an active member of NGO and NSS etc.I will try to write a decent SOP and can get good recommendations .I would request you to help me in shortlisting colleges suitable for my profile.Thanks in advance.

    • Sorry for the late reply. Feel free to schedule a phone chat if still looking for guidance –

  29. Hi Nistha,

    I have done by BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering with CGPA of 9.03 and i am working in Deloitte consulting for past 1.5 Years as Technology Analyst. Can you please suggest me whether MEM is better or MIS. I got score of 315 in GRE and TOEFL yet to be give. Please suggest Universities in US for the same..

  30. Hi
    I am in dilemma to choose mis /Cs .. But many people wil tel mis requires more work experience .. I wil have 1 year experience in database team . at the time of fall 2016 so what u suggest wil I get admit in univ and job ??

  31. I have completed my BE in ECE and am working in a reputed IT firm now. I have always wanted to go for a management course and I prefer a MEM or a MIS. Now it is ok to go for MIS with a under grad in ECE ? Is there something called MEM with computer science?

  32. Hi NIstha,

    I have completed my engineering in 2012 from Pune University.
    I have 3 years of work experience in Software Testing.
    I wish to do MS in MIS.
    I will be taking my GRE this year.
    Would you please tell me some universities and courses which offer lesser amount of coding involved..? Can you please guide me?

    Thanks in advance.

  33. Hi Nishta,

    I have done in ChemE (7.21 gpa,no backlogs) , I have work experience as an Associate System Engineer at IBM for 1 year now.
    My GRE is 309 and Toefl 97, I’m interested in Analytics area and I would like to pursue MIS in USA. Currently I am taking courses in R and Python.

    Is it okay for me to take MIS being from a different stream?


  35. Hi Nistha, can you suggest me whether to go for MEM or MIS. I have done my undergrads in Electronics and communication engineering and working in Deloitte as an Technical consultant for past 1.5 yrs. My grads say 9.03/10.00. Please suggest which course to follow?

  36. Hey Nistha,
    I did my B.Tech in Electrical Engineering with CGPA 7.4, but working in IT firm (Infosys) from past 15 months dealing with business reports and analytics. planning to take GRE in 2015 end. Want to pursue MSIS from any one of them i.e. NYU, SUNY Buffalo, UC berkley, Texas A&M, ASU. Is there any chance of getting admit with score range 325 – 330 or do i have to increase my target score above 330 for any one of them?

  37. Hey Nistha,
    I am Electrical Engineer with CGPA 7.4, working with Infosys from past 15 months dealing with business reports and analytics. planning to take GRE in 2015 end. Want to pursue MSIS from any one of them i.e. NYU, SUNY Buffalo, UC berkley, Texas A&M, ASU. Is there any chance of getting admit with score range 325 – 330 or do i have to increase my target score above 330 for any one of them?

  38. Hi Nistha,

    I am a Chemical engineer with 2.5 yr of work-ex planning for MEM courses, could you please tel me the scope of mem?? and jobs after MEM?? Being a chem engg. which one is preferable MEM, MIM oe MIS??

    • MEM should be the one for you I believe but not all programs will have enough electives in Chemical. So, you need to check individual programs to find the ones that are relevant for what you are looking to do if you dont want to leave your chemical background altogether.

      • hi nistha,

        Thanks for the reply. Chemical really is not the most sought out streams ( anything apart from CS or IT for that matter) in the US, I am more inclined towards masters in management degrees like masters is supply chain or masters in strategic management, can you kindly suggest a few mid to high level institutes that offer these courses??

  39. hi,
    can u please tell me the difference between MIS , MS ITM , MS IS , MS IT are they all similar courses ?? . I want to do masters in MIS . can plaese guide me.
    its really urgent.

  40. Hello, what’s the difference between umcp MIS and umcp MIM? Are they very different in terms of job prospects?

  41. My profile is as below :
    GRE- 303(Q-156, V-147),
    TOEFl- 91
    Work Exp – 3.5 Years
    UG GPA – 3.2/4 (69.18%)(B Tech In Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)
    No Backlogs
    Target Course – MIS / MEM confused!!
    Target Country – US or Canada
    I want to pursue more management driven course instead of moving for Core technical courses.
    Kindly suggest

  42. Hi Nistha,
    I’m Rakshith, I have an aggregate of 69% in BE and working as Oracle DBA since 2 years.
    Im planning to do my masters in MIS. My GRE is 283 and im willing to take GRE again in DEC and IELTS in JAN. Could you please let me know for 283 what colleges i may get and list of colleges for the same course as im retaking GRE.
    Im wishing to join for Georgia tech Univ, what would be the approximate fee expenditure and cost of living there ??
    Please advice.
    your help would be much appreciated.

  43. dear sir/mam
    my name is gyana mam my btech % is 57, and i want to do masters in management in usa is it possible for me can u tell me which are the good universitieswhich offer this courses

  44. hey i just want to enquire about what kind of subjects mis has i have heard that it also consists of programming for building information system business is jst a small part of it can u plz help me out wid this

    • hey reply na asap

  45. Hi,
    I’m planning of pursuing MEM. Could you give me the list of colleges that offer this course?

  46. I graduated(July 2012)in Instrumentation Engineering with 58% Aggregate marks.I have 6 months Internship Experience in Design and Enginnering Company and Currently working as Project Engineer for a Swiss Instrumentation Company from last 1.5 years and my work profile includes project mangement,schedhuling,cost control logistics.So My Total Experience is Internship+Current Exp=2 years.
    Im interested MEM in US for FALL 2015 ,Im going to appear for GRE & TOEFL in month of NOV . My question to you is what is minimum GRE marks required for good universities for getting in MEM . Will my less aggregate affect my admit ? can it compensated with good gre score,LOR & SOP . Can i consider DUKE university ? Also,besides DUKE which are other good universities offering MEM ? Since I will applying in month of December 2014 will be it late ??? Will my current experience be counted for Admit ?
    Im also considering Ms in MIS , will be it considering a non it background .

    • Sorry for the late reply.
      Your GPA is too low, so you want to target higher on GRE, hopefully 320+
      If there is a valid reason for your low GPA, you should try explaining that. You should target MEM over MIS since thats what matches your background. I can’t predict for Duke but you will need a very solid application for it to compensate for your GPA. Can only discuss that on phone.

      • Dear madam,

        I have b-tech civil engineering degree with 62% passed out in 2012 and also worked as Quantity surveyor or estimation engineer (autocad, excel, data managemet, costing softwares .. ectc) on two years in India and 9 months in Dubai. I would like to take MS on MIS. May I get F1 VISA approval ?.


  47. I just graduated in Information Technology. My aggregate percentage is 54% which is obviously less. I have total of 6 backlogs. I want to pursue masters in CS or MIS but I am not sure if I could make it to some good/average universities in US. My profile is not that impressive. What do u think I should do to get into those universities? How can I improve my profile? Do I need to work before applying to universities? What about global certifications? I know I’ve asked a lot many questions, but these questions always remain unanswered and i can’t go past it.

    Need help!!

  48. Hey!
    Is there such a thing that MIS students have more difficulty finding jobs etc . Im planning to pursue MIS with data analytics but thinking whether should go with Ms in Cs with data mining

    • Good question. MIS will let you take core business courses where as MS CS wouldn’t. That is the prime difference. MS will be helpful if you want to continue core technical career whereas MIS will open consulting, analytical roles.
      I dont think MIS has limited potential…one of my students with very competitive profile chose to go for MIS even though he could have been admitted into top MS programs…so its a matter of what kind of career are you looking for. Call us if you want to discuss in detail.

  49. I have an under graduate degree in Computer Science from an NIT with a cgpa of 7.37..1 backlog..i want to pursue my masters in a manegement course and work in the same domain, courses like MIS MIM etc as i read above arn’t at the level of MBA so what kindof a course should i take that would have more of manegerial subjects with technology as well to have a position in management during jobs or should i specialise in specific management subjects like Ms in Operations Management, Supply Chain etc to increase my chances of getting a good job?

    • Hi Akshata,
      You can go for MIS. But first do a little introspection on what kind of career are you looking for later on. Can discuss that on phone.

  50. hello
    I have received an intake from Florida institute of tech for mis and csu east bay for engineering management and I am unable to decide between both
    ppl are telling me that California is better some say mis is a better option

    I believe that there is not much of a difference in curriculum but I am unable to narrow down between the two


    • Neither of them has super brand value, so it would not make much of a difference frankly in terms of career opportunities. You can go for either – both are good weatherwise anyways, so that won’t be a factor. California may have more tech companies around.

  51. I m entering my Final year doing B.Tech in I.T
    i have a total of 8 backlogs of which 2 are yet to be cleared ( 6 have been cleared ) after which my CGPA will be around 7.4
    I want to do M.S in MEM.
    should i go for GRE this semester or should i take Work-Ex for 1-2 yrs and then go for M.S since i don’t have a very impressive profile ( or cgpa ) ??

    n thanks in advance 🙂

    • Yes I think some work experience would help you. Going with backlogs is probably not a good idea.

  52. I was wondering if doing an MBA after MEM ,MIS or any techno-management related courses would be redundant .
    Although these courses have a management component can they effectively replace a traditional MBA ?

    • No, they do not replace MBA and there will be some or significant overlap at least in management courses but their reputation has still not reached that of MBA. At the same time, MIS/MEM are not as competitive as MBA, so its easier to get in and if you plan well, you can land some great jobs after these courses as well.

  53. Surely, will get in touch soon.
    Thanks very much for the help 🙂

  54. Hey

    I’ve completed my bachelors in Information Technology, and thinking of pursuing an MS degree from US. Am confused between mem program and mis . Which one should i go for ? Is there any major difference between these two courses ? and which one is better? also what are the career paths?
    I know too many questions in one go 😛 , but please really need help right now.


    • MIS is better for roles in Information Services sector whereas MEM offers courses outside IS too. Depends on your goals and background. Feel free to call us to discuss.

  55. Hello,

    Thanks for the list of universities. Under what name does UPenn give this degree? I went through their website but I found Computer Science degrees that can be clubbed with a few electives from Wharton, if the professors allow.


    • Hi Anagha,
      That is a valid confusion since UPenn only offers MIS for undergraduates. For graduate programs, you can look at the ones that do offer it. That list is based on college rankings for MIS. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks for your quick response, Nistha! 🙂

        I am also looking up Ivy Leagues, may be every applicant’s dream. But I didn’t find an MIS-type program there? How close are Data Sciences/Information Sciences programs to MIS? A few Ivy League websites say their courses are streamlined to pursuing careers in analytics, which is something I want to do. For eg. Columbia has a new MS in Data Sciences program beginning next year. How good is Columbia for this course, since it is better known for the other programs it offers?

        Okay one last doubt! 😛 I want to go specifically into Market Research. An MIS/Analytics degree is good enough for it, right?

        • Data Sciences program are better suited for analytics and since that is your interest, you can definitely go for those. For market research, analytics degree would be more credible – the emphasis being on quants and numbers as opposed to IS (more of computer and databases related side of data). That’s just a cursory thought, would need to discuss to give more definite opinions.

      • Hi nisha,
        I wanted to know if admissions for ms can be only secured if the candidate has an internship and research papers in hand?

  56. Thnank you for helpful articles. I am a HR manager soon moving to US after my marriage. I think I could study MIS there to get jobs?

    • Thanks Mugdha. Whats your undergrad major? Yeah you can go for MIM I believe or MBA too but MBA applications are lot more time consuming.

    • Hi. Thanks for the information above. I am IT engineer in final year and want to pursue MIS in USA. Do I need to give GRE or GMAT for that? Also, is work experience important for this course?

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