After a disappointing application cycle for Fall 20 where I received rejects from all of my preferred universities, I reached out to Nistha and team for help for my Fall 21 applications.

From the get go, the process is so streamlined and smooth. I received emails about next steps and how to go about everything. Nistha is very focused and has the ability to find notice and point out even the most minute details that make a huge difference in the quality of me essays and applications.

The difference in my SOP and LORs from last year was night and day. Nistha was also really helpful in terms of finalizing the right universities and courses for me. Without her, I would never gotten admits from UC Berkeley, UMass Amherst, Wisconsin Madison etc.

With Nistha, the most important thing I felt was that she was genuinely invested in my profile and applications and that showed in how she worked alongside me.

Rishabh (CS, MIS) - Berkeley, UW Madison