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MS/MIS/PhD Admissions Consulting Packages

We are not the typical consultants who will spoon-feed you information and school lists. We believe in helping you bring your best foot forward but the work still lies with you.

We do NOT outsource any review or brainstorming call. Our reviews are in-depth and rigorous. This is why we take only a limited candidates each season and close our intake once we have filled those seats. To improve your chances, enroll early.

We transparently post our results every year. You must take a look at what kind of profiles we have worked with and what kind of results we were able to secure. Also, go through the testimonials we have received to understand what our clients found useful about our services.

We are 100% committed to our clients. We will take you in ONLY if we believe we can help you. But irrespective of whether you end up working with us or not, we wish you the best! 🙂

This is what clients say about our SOP brainstorm sessions (incl in Mastermind packages)-

I found the call to be extremely helpful mainly due to the way Nistha helped me prioritize what has to be showcased in the SOP. At the same time the questions that she posed such as key learnings and a 1 statement goal are great starting points for me to think beyond just what I’ve done but get a structure in place for my personal career goals as well. The ‘template’ suggested is broad enough to look different for every applicant and provides a structured flow of showcasing the purpose, and lets me talk through all the important phases in my background and professional experiences.”

Early bird discount for next Fall for a limited period!

  • High Level Strategy Call
    â‚ą19000/ 25000
    • One 90 minute call with Nistha at the beginning to strategize your MS/MIS/PhD (non MBA) application story and guidance on writing the SOP
    • One 30 minute followup call for QnA at a later date for any clarifications required
    • No reviews
    • Calls scheduled as per mutual convenience
  • Mastermind
    Best Value
    â‚ą65000/ 75000
    • Expert guidance for SOP, LORs, and school selection
    • 90 mins brainstorming on SOP & application strategy
    • 90% discount on ALL our Masterclass (worth â‚ą13000+ including Internship and Jobhunt Masterclass)
    • Monthly QnA group session
    • Unlimited reviews of 1 SOP & 3 LORs
    • Valid for 1 full year (Fall + Spring)
    • Visa Docs Templates
    • Designer Resume Templates
    • MS Book included
    • +4,000 for extra essay reviews (per essay)

Convinced about working with us?

If you like what you see here, and are considering getting our help with your applications, please book a call to help us understand your profile. We accept clients only when we think we can help them. So, this call is important! 🙂

High Level Call

If you are someone with good writing skills and profile but need an expert to make sure you have a solid application strategy, go for this call. With Nistha’s 10+ years of expertise, she can point out any flaws you have in your strategy and tell you exactly how to write a winning SOP. Please note it does not include any reviews of SOP, LORs or school list.



If you are a first time applicant who wants to plan for a fulfilling career through Grad School , then go for Mastermind package so that we can not only guide you to a great School but also prep you for internship and job hunt most effectively. This is the package that guides your application process plus recruitment at Grad School. This is the mother of all packages!


Why choose Scholar Strategy?

Our study abroad consulting includes complete strategy for getting into the best school you deserve. We do NOT recommend low quality schools where your admission is guaranteed. We do NOT give you Essay/SOP templates that make you look like thousand other applicants. We help you craft your UNIQUE story by rigorous reviews of SOP, LOR, and Essays.

Our applicants from 3-4 years ago are still in touch reach out to us for career advice. Our relationship goes beyond that of a client.

See, your test scores, GPA and employment history are all determined when you start applying. The only thing you can do at that point is to present whatever you have in a professional manner that captures Admission Committee’s attention. We know how to do that. We know how to play to your strengths and cover for your weaknesses. While there is no guarantee, we have been able to help applicants get the best schools possible with their profiles.

Study Abroad Expertise

With Scholar Strategy, you are working with Nistha and not some nameless editor. Graduating from UIUC and NYU Stern, she knows what it takes to get into top schools. She knows what AdCom is looking for.

Closed Group

Kickass advice on our closed FB group – exclusively for clients. With more Scholar Strategy students getting into top schools every year, this group is becoming the most important reason why you should work with us!


Our essay crafting and reviews process is hailed as the best way to present your application by our previous clients. It is uniquely designed to help you reach the ambitious schools.

Honest Practices

Unlike other study abroad consultants, we never give false hopes. We tell you that its going to be a tough journey ahead but we will help you get the best you can. We work only with select students.