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MS in USA: Full Process to Apply

ms in usa guide

MS in USA course is becoming an increasingly lucrative option for international students who wish to work globally. However, with so many choices, an applicant can feel overwhelmed. 

In this post, we will cover all you need to know about pursuing MS in USA:
Why are so many people opting for MS in USA?
Who is eligible to study in USA?
What is the process to apply for MS in USA?

Why are so many people opting for Master’s in USA?

MS in USA courses consist of a number of technical courses, requirement to write a thesis or do an industry project. Sometimes, the industry oriented courses offer an MEng degree instead of MS. Someone who is interested in exploring in-depth the research problems in their fields can go for the MS (research) program. Students who demonstrate excellence in their academic performance and research potential also have the option to convert to the PhD program.

USA is the most popular study destinations for international students since it houses few of the world’s finest university systems such as Ivy Leagues. If we look at the global ranking for MS programs, the universities in USA mostly fill the top 100 spots. They offer cutting edge equipment and resources to their students. It is not surprising to see Nobel Laureates teaching at US schools.

Studying MS in USA can broaden not only the student’s educational opportunities but the cultural exposure as well.

Who is eligible to study in USA?

Most of the universities in USA require:

  • 16 years of previous education (XII + 4 years of Bachelors or XII + 3 years of Bachelors and 1 year of Diploma/MS)
  • Transcripts
  • Standardized tests score (like GRE)
  • English Language Proficiency Score (like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE)

Additional requirements may apply. For example, University of Minnesota mentions that one has to possess significant background in Computer Science to apply to CS department.

Cost of doing a Master’s in USA

ItemCost in USD
(rate of 75 INR/USD)
Cost in INR
GRE$205₹ 15,375
TOEFL$180₹ 13,500
10 Applications$1250₹ 93,750
Visa & SEVIS Fee$700₹ 52,500
Flights$1500₹ 1,12,500
Tuition$50000₹ 37,50,000
Living Costs$18000₹ 13,50,000
TOTAL$71,835₹ 53,87,625

In short, the cost of doing your Master’s in US can go up to $75,000 which comes to ₹50-55 lac at the exchange rate of 1 USD = INR 75.

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What is the process to apply for MS in USA?

Applications for MS in USA is much different than what we are used to in India with MTech. Let’s take a look at the process first.

Following are the components of the application process-

ms in usa process
MS in USA application process
  2. Shortlisting schools for your aspirations 
  3. Preparing required documents for the application
    1. Writing the SOP
    2. Submitting the LOR
    3. Submitting the Resume
  4. Apply by the deadline – Once you have finished the steps above, you are all set to submit the online applications to each university. The only components not sent by you are the LORs, so ensure that your recommenders submit those on time as well.

Note: Ideally, shortlisting schools should be done before giving GRE but students prefer to get the tests out of the way and be comfortable with the score before focusing all energies into shortlisting schools and actually applying to them. A candidate is able to typically apply to around 10 universities for MS and MIS programs.

Familiarize yourself with the process well before actually starting anything so that you know what all you need to do.

What next?

Found this useful? Do you now want to know what matters more in your applications and how to actually strengthen your profile? We are not talking about generic stuff but specific things you can do to stand out. All this is covered in our MS Book: Smart Engineer’s Complete Guide to MS in USA which has been receiving fascinating reviews from readers and applicants alike.

Want to read the whole process easily in a PDF? 

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  1. I simply completed my BTECH from INDIA ..AND i want admission in MS in USA…how can i apply ..and which University will be best for me….?

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    i have done btech in electronics and comm. engg (2010-2014) and in last year i completed my mtech in nanoscience and nanotechnoloy (2015-2017). What should i do next? should i apply for MS ? my IELTS score is 7. Please guide me!

  3. I’ve done my my btech (c.s) in 2013 .am i eligible for gre.?

  4. I have H4 visa . I had completed my Mechanical engineering . How i can apply for MS?

  5. Now I’m 3rd yr Bio medical engineering ,but i want to do MS is this possible.

  6. I m in 2sem of engenering from vellore institute of technology. So i want to do m. Tech from california what should i do

    • You should study the MS Book right now and familiarize yourself with the process and what to expect in grad school. If you read it thoroughly, you will be able to crack a better university when you apply in your 3rd year –

  7. I am doing BE in Mechanical Engineering……..I want to do M- Tech in Mechanical……….what should I do?

  8. I need to know if I can apply to different department. I did BE in IT but I want to MS in Mechanical. what should I do?

  9. How can I get the ebook?

  10. Thanks, I like the organized information you provide. Can you share the process for GMAT as well?

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