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How much does work experience matter for MS?

One of the most common questions we have encountered among applicants is about work experience. Remember, we are talking about MS and not MBA.

  • I will work for two years and then apply to get into better schools
  • I did not receive the admission into my desired school, so I’ll wait and join a job and then reapply
  • I want to go immediately after college and not wait for work experience
  • I have five years of work experience, should I apply for MS at all or only consider MBA?

Which of these situations describe you?

I, myself, faced one of these dilemma and luckily made the right decision at right time. We will cover that story and answers to this crucial question – ‘How much work experience matter for MS’ in our next post. Meanwhile, send us your comments, thoughts and specific questions about it.

Are you delaying your MS plans to get more work experience?

The answers in next post! Read it here.

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  1. I am a 2014 computer Science Engineering pass out from a very ordinary university in Maharashtra.
    I am currently working in an Serviced based IT company which most of us end up getting a job after graduation(Joined Dec 2014)
    The work which I have is very generic and I am not at all satisfied with my job .
    I do understand that currently I don’t Have skills to secure a job at a product based company , I want to give myself a second chance to prove myself
    I believe MS would be the right option But I wish to get admitted in a good university (I don’t wanna get into some XYZ university which nobody cares about) .
    I want to have a strong profile so that I can get admitted in a good university .

    How many years of experience would be relevant to build up a good profile ?

    Do good ranks in exams like GATE add up to my profile ?
    (I am trying to ask should I invest my time to prepare for them , I am done with 60% of preparation but have not joined invested any money on this )
    (Initially my Idea was to post graduate with a college that has a brand name like IIT but now I feel I should consider good universities in US)

    What other activities should I get involved in, to build up a good profile ?

    When Should I plan my MS (what year/month )?
    (I still Have not given GRE/TOEFL or even started preparing for them)

    I believe a MNC tag is all that I have and some participation in inter college technical fests during my college days (I did win some of them)

    What are my chances to get into a good university (I wish to study Artificial Intelligence)

  2. I am pursuing my BE in computer science and have written my GRE(319) and IELTS(8), and recently got placed at a company during my campus placements. I am in a dilemma of whether or not to work for a year and go for MS or go directly?

  3. I am B. Tech in Computer science and having 8 years of experience. Should i apply for MS or continue job?

    • Depends on your goals. You will need to show convincing reasons for MS in your SOP, rest will depend on your profile.

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