Having worked with Nistha to design my application strategy, I would say she is amazing and provided me really insightful feedback on SOP and assisted in shortlisting of schools. She gave me the confidence to apply for ambitious schools and promptly addressed my queries over e-mails. The best past of the Scholar Strategy service is that you’ll be certain of the timelines as to when you will receive the feedback. Their services will be a good fit for people who look for a mentor to guide them, than a mere counselor. I’m very glad that I chose Scholar Strategy and would highly recommend their services for prospective students who intend to study abroad. The bottom line is life is too short to just learn from our own mistakes, and it would be wiser to learn from others mistakes, so that we mature faster to reach greater heights in our career. I believe, this is the fundamental reason why the Scholar Strategy community thrives so well.

Thank you, Nistha !!

Valliappan, TAMU (MIS)