I initially decided that I would go ahead with my applications without a counselor as it proved to be quite futile when my elder sister used it. But after perusing through Nistha’s answers on Quora and the articles on her blog, I decided to go ahead with Scholar Strategy without a second thought! I was really impressed with her structured procedure throughout, which also comes from the fact that she’s been through this herself (a rarity among counselors!)
She was very pragmatic with her suggestions and corrections, and it was worth every penny! With most counselors, it is a TEMPLATE that they follow, but with her, I could easily feel that she takes a deeper interest in each profile and then gives suggestions. This is pretty commendable, considering the volume of applicants she was handling!
She also goes out of her way to give you the entire “MS in US” experience with career advice.
Thanks 🙂

Anas Siddiqui, NCSU (MS CS)