I was skeptical about online counseling for my MS Application but now I am happy that I took a leap of faith by using ScholarStrategy.

Nistha doesn’t spoon-feed you with SOPs and that’s not a bad thing because it is your story and who can tell it better than you. She makes suggestions and edits until your essay conveys exactly what you want to. When I started my essay I was clueless, but when I completed it, I was happy that I am presenting myself in the best possible way to the admissions committee. Also, I was happy with the response time. I got around 20 rounds of edits and completed my essay in little over a week’s time.

I chose Cybersecurity because that is going to be the biggest threat, to corporations and nations, in the coming years with the internet becoming ubiquitous, and cloud storage growing at a rapid pace. What better place to study Cybersecurity than Carnegie Mellon – the birthplace of Computer Science. Their admission process is highly essay-centric since they require you to write 6 different essays as a part of the application.

Nistha is very professional and always available on WhatsApp and for a quick call. She has strict rules and guidelines ;). You follow them and you’ll be on your way to your dream college. Don’t think twice, just go for ScholarStrategy.

Mohnish Prasanna, CMU (IS)