Nistha is a wonder woman. She is committed to your success so all I ask of you is to trust her process, and commit to it too. From the first conversation I had with her, she has been candid in helping me plan my goals and ensured that I put my best foot forward while crafting my story. There were times when I felt under-confident but Nistha’s coaching expertise, widespread student/professional network, honest feedback and focused approach instilled the confidence I needed. I highly recommend every aspiring graduate student to read her MS Book as a comprehensive guide for your Master’s journey. My association with Nistha has provided me with a valuable perspective, beyond college applications. She continues to inspire, mentor and transform my outlook towards my professional growth and personal development. Working with her has been a true pleasure and I am always going to cherish this incredible learning experience, thank you!

Bhavyadisha (MEM) - Dartmouth, Cornell, CMU, Columbia, NW