I decided to join Scholar Strategy based on Nistha’s credentials and I am very happy with the services provided so far. She had a one on one telephonic conversation with me which helped me put to perspective what I really wanted from my Masters. In the process she meticulously has analyzed the type of person I am and whether my choice of Courses and Institutions are actually relevant to my future career goals. After a thorough analysis she helped me pick the right mix of Universities keeping in mind my academic and extracurricular credentials. Nothing can replace the dint of experience, and Nistha has clearly incorporated hers’ in her counseling. Her valuable advice has helped me explore different dimensions of my “Statement of Purpose” and “Resume” and she personally reviews and re-reviews the same to perfection. It is unbelievable that Nistha is able to deliver quality service and what I exactly want, though we are miles away from each other. She is very prompt to any queries I have had regarding application procedures and I must say, so far, I am impressed and happy with how palatable she has made the application process for me. She gives the right amount of push and constantly keeps me on my toes as to what I must deliver and by when.

Statutory Warning: She is very strict with deadlines. :)!!!! Thank You Nistha for the professional guidance with a personal touch. I am definitely confident that at this rate I will be definitely able to achieve my goals.

Kanchana Karthikeyan, Duke (MEM)