Most of my friends initially suggested not to join scholarstrategy and instead join some local consultancy as they felt this was not a proper one. But after going through the services you offer, reading your answers on quora I felt that scholar strategy is way better than other consultancies who lack basic knowledge. Though some may argue that the methods employed at scholar strategy were little bit different but I personally am very satisfied as this is what I was looking for instead of someone writing my sop.

If there is anything that differentiates scholar strategy from others it is the sop reviewing process. Initially even after writing gre I was not very clear about my choices but the phone call session and the comments and questions that you asked while writing sop made me contemplate about it.

One more thing that I really like about the whole process is your honesty and admitting that dont know about something instead of giving some random advice. Also I found the other members of the group to be very friendly,insightful and helpful.

P.S: I know that you asked for few lines but I guess I should still learn to prioritize after all.

Nitesh, Notre Dame (MEM)