The one thing common at all the top schools is a diverse student body. This is mainly because these schools dont just consider a GRE/GMAT score but look at the complete profile of the student before offering admission. You might be good and have a great score too, but unless you can sell that to the admissions committee, they won’t let you in.

This is where I think students need to seek help if required. And Nistha is amazingly good at that. Having been a part of the committee, she knows what are the things that really transform a good application into a really strong one.

Especially when you are totally new to the application process, as was my case, you might as well seek help from someone who has “BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT” . Nistha will keep pushing you for as long as it takes for you to build the perfect application – all those SOPs , essays and the LORs. You might get tired of “adding more meat” to your application but that’s what you need to do to get in. : -)

P.S. Apparently, no other Indian in my MISM 16 month track received a scholarship. A lot of credit for that goes to Scholar Strategy. So, thanks a lot.

See the full case study here

Akash Gandotra, CMU (MIS)