When I started with my MS application process, I was clear that I required a mentor, who would guide me through the process, and not someone who would give me a free ride to an average university and ask me to feel grateful for it.

Nistha proved to be the best mentor I could hope for. I always had to be at the top of my game while working with her. Right from university selection, to drafting my statement of purpose and letter of recommendations, her valuable feedback helped me excel. Her feedback was instrumental in highlighting the strengths and covering up the weaknesses of my profile. It was a bliss to see so many admits at the end, with University of Maryland, College Park being the silver lining.

Her help did not end just there. She also guided me though the I20 and Visa application process, and made it very easy for me.

I certainly could not have completed my application process so well without her help.
She is certainly an expert in bringing out the best from any profile.

I highly recommend Scholar Strategy to all those who aspire to study in the US. Their help will surely be invaluable.

Yasho Vardhan, UMCP (MIS)