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Free Salary Negotiation Email Script and Template

Salary Negotiations can be difficult and stressful but are an important part of any interview process, annual employee review, or promotion. Having the opportunity to negotiate your salary over email
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How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

Whether you are applying for a new job, discussing your annual salary increase, or interviewing for a promotion, negotiating your salary can be a difficult and stressful process. Depending on
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Winning answer to “Tell me about yourself”

You are qualified for the job and ready to ace an interview. You meet your interviewer, and the first question they ask is, “Tell me about yourself.” You knew this
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Why your JobHunt is not working?

Are you constantly getting no calls or rejects on your job applications? Then, watch this right now.
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coronavirus job impact

5 ways Coronavirus (Covid-19) will impact the job market for Master’s students

Here are 5 ways that Coronavirus will impact the job market for current and aspiring graduate students. The better you understand this, better it will be for your jobhunt strategy.
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Highest Paying STEM Careers

Highest paying STEM jobs of next decade!

Did you think Data Science & ML jobs are taking over the world? You'll be surprised. Here are Top 10 STEM Careers for all engineers seeking a global career
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What’s your ideal job?

When I joined MBA program at NYU, I was made to give the TypeFinder personality test based on the famous Briggs Myers’ system used to classify people in 16 different
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