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Month: February 2020

University Shortlisting for MS/MBA

University Shortlisting for MS in USA

University shortlisting is one of the trickiest components of applying to any Master’s program. US has more than 1500 universities – obviously you need good research and guidance to pick
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Top 10 Books every Student must read

Top 10 Essential Books every student must read before graduating

All students don’t have the money to travel or take every course they are interested in. That is why reading books is such a great idea. Every student can afford
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How to create resume for internships in Grad School?

There is plenty of advice out there about resumes. And, some of it contradicts. Some people recommend creating a visual resume that stands out. Some say that your resume should
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Highest Paying STEM Careers

Highest paying STEM jobs of next decade!

Did you think Data Science & ML jobs are taking over the world? You'll be surprised. Here are Top 10 STEM Careers for all engineers seeking a global career
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How Chinese teachers are dealing with coronavirus and helping keep its student’s futures alive

400+ people have died because of the coronavirus in Mainland China. To curb the spread and contagion, the government had to shut down the schools. Whole semester are getting delayed
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study abroad salary and expense

Average MBA salary in USA, Europe and India?

As per the 2018 QS TopMBA report, 2017 reported a 13% increase in MBA hiring with USA paying average MBA salary of $102,100 (a dip from last year) and Europe offering
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