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Is Cornell MEng worth the money?

Is Cornell MEng worth the money?

Cornell MEng has a hefty tuition fee of $54,584 for one year. With additional $15-18000 on living expenses, the course can come to a total cost of $72,000. But then, its an Ivy League that so many MS in USA applicants die to get to. The question is – is it worth the money?

This is what Sumukh who attended Cornell in Fall 2014 had to say-

Cornell was awesome. I really liked the courses, they were top notch. Its definitely worth the fee. The M.Eng courses here tailored to meet industry requirements. We learnt from the top people in the field. I got job offers from Schlumberger and Cisco. I’m taking a position with Schlumberger STIC.

The placement here is really good. Oracle and Amazon were big recruiters this year. With job search and 2 semester course the work is pretty intense. The Fall and Spring career fairs are big recruitments and a lot of startups visit during the Spring. Everyone I knew had atleast 2 job offers from big names in the industry. Spring admits have opportunities for internships, however the intake is small. I’ll be happy to share information about the course or Cornell if you ever need. Thanks Nistha 🙂  

Cornell MEng Placement Records

Also, check out this report from Career Resource at Cornell – 

“Employers typically think of M.Eng. graduates as having the equivalent of a year’s work experience. When you’re hiring people to get some traction in your organization, a 10 or 15 percent boost in starting salary for that added capability seems like a bargain.” 

A View from a Long-Time Recruiter

ECE M.Eng. Graduates Average Salary for 2017 – $101,302

Another interesting link I came across – Shreesh’s Cornell Survival Guide

Cornell is a highly reputed school with nearly 100% placement record. If high fee is your only concern, look into study abroad scholarship options. We cover how to understand and plan for MS finances in MS Book. Get your copy if you haven’t already.

And, we are here to personally guide you into cracking your dream graduate schools.

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