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Indian IT Male MBA Applicants chances

Indian IT Male MBA Applicants

Dear Indian IT male MBA applicants, we all empathize with you. The western world wonders how India keeps churning so many of you. Just like we wonder why most of the white males go into Finance.

Who are the Indian IT Male MBA Applicants?

Indian guy who scores 720+ on GMAT, has work experience in global IT companies, an engineering degree and same old story in his MBA applications.

Top universities look for people who are standing out but Indian IT Male look all similar – with similar pedigree and similar characteristics. To make the matter worse, they do all the ‘supposed’ things – work for NGO, highlight their problem solving and analytical skills. In the end, they all look like produced from a factory.

4 types of Indian IT Male MBA Applicants

1. Fast track career go-getter

Are you a mainstream fast track career go-getter ‘I will beat you on this corporate ladder’ person? Then you are probably eyeing top banks and MBB.

To get there, you need to get into Top 10-12 schools (lets leave the exceptions aside). Try getting 750+ GMAT, go for a year to Africa on a UN project, teach slum kids or do some eye catching social service (Gates Foundation kind) for at least a year. Do the off beat things, work for the govt may be, microfinancing, rural infra, agritech etc etc.

Pray to Lord and talk about how partition forever dismantled your family in a personal essay. Avoid talking about cricket, Infosys and food.

2. Eternal Worrier

The ones who find reasons to worry about in any situation. Just like you worried 6 years ago how you will get into a top engineering college and then into a top MNC, now you are worrying about how to get into a top MBA program.

I have bad news for you. Once you get into B School, you will worry how to get into the top bank. Then you will worry if you will get a good bonus or not. You will worry if you will get the high profile assignment or not. You will worry if you will get the perfect family, house, street address, green card and business class tickets.

Even writing that is making me dizzy. Please relax. At this rate, you will shorten ten years of life without drinking or smoking. You need a vacation and please read ‘How will you measure your Life’ by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen now. Right now.

3. Sincere but confused guy

Are you the shy, sincere guy who has been conditioned to perform the best and doesn’t know what else to do at this point apart from an MBA?

Perhaps it is time to first reason why ‘you’ need an MBA right now.

Not why others do it but why you. And if you find a solid reason that only an MBA can help with, then prepare your best for GMAT.

4. Sincere guy with genuine desire to do MBA

If you are sincere and have a good reason for MBA – next step is to try and score as high as you can on GMAT. Apply to a mix of schools distributing your risk and go to the best offer you get. If you know what you want out of an MBA, you can do it at any good school in Top 50–60.

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How to strengthen your chances?

Sorry, I did not mean to be rude and pardon if I offended anyone. I just feel we should be ‘building life and meaning’ instead of building profiles and resumesAnd the joke is equally on me. I am not male but otherwise I fall into category number 3 above. Luckily, I stopped at the introspection step the first time I was considering MBA. Later on, I found my solid reason to do an MBA (4) and I eventually did. From NYU Stern. It was fun and I dropped out after first year because my purpose was solved.

So, let’s look at real ways of how Indian IT Male MBA applicants can break this conundrum and cookie cutter image that international MBA programs have about them.

  1. Genuinely introspect. Have a good clarity on what career are you targeting post-MBA. Do an MBA ONLY if it is the best way to get to your goals.
  2. Improve your profile by enhancing your leadership skills. Even if you are not in a lead position, you can take initiative in projects to highlight this.
  3. Don’t do cliche extracurricular just to enhance your resume. Look at things that genuinely excite you and do 1-2 solid things there. Eg. if you are a football fan, create your own models and a fantasy football league within your office and tell an interesting tale around that instead of uh, donating blood. You get the point.
  4. Articulate well. At the end, it all boils down to how clearly and strongly you are putting your story in the applications. This is where an expert MBA admission consultant can help you.

I personally work with select genuine candidates who want to pursue MBA abroad. I do not do hourly consulting because life doesn’t run by the hour. If I come across someone who I believe in and feel deserves it, I am happy to work with you at rates that don’t break your bank. Our previous candidates have gotten interviews and admits from Cornell Tech, Kelley, ISB, USC, TAMU, Emory, Babson, Vanderbilt with scholarships.

Whoever you are, you have my best wishes. Indian children are often at educational disadvantage because of the way our education and society beliefs are designed but I’m hopeful it will change gradually. I’m an eternal optimist. So, I know you did not choose certain things in your life (most likely your IT degree) but you can start shaping your life now by happiness and right priorities.

Applicants in categories 3 and 4 – you can find me here – MBA Admissions Counseling by MBA grads

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