MBA counseling by Scholar Strategy

Affordable, Genuine and Expert MBA counseling by NYU Stern Grad and Columbia Advisors

At Scholar Strategy, our students have gone on to study at most prestigious institutes – MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Columbia, CMU, Cornell, UCLA, UT Austin, UIUC and others for various Master’s programs. Now, we are bringing our expertise to the arena of B Schools!

We work online and whatever we save on our office space, we pass on the benefit to you. Without compromising on the quality, we are offering the same and better advice at half the cost! Don’t believe us? Check it out.

Why choose Scholar Strategy?

Scholar StrategyOthers
You know who you are working with (Nistha)Your essays are outsourced to some unknown person
Our counselor has been to Top 10 B SchoolMostly, the work is outsourced to large teams
We are still affordablePackages can go upto in lakhs


Nistha (primary counselor) hails from NYU Stern and our advisors have graduated from Columbia Business School and Chicago Booth. We know what it takes to get into the competitive B schools and our profile crafting and essay editing service has been worked to perfection over last 4 years.

MBA Counseling Packages and Results

1-school package

Rs. 44,500 39,500 only

Introductory call + School list review + Brainstorm call + Reviews of Essays and LORs for 1 school + Resume review

Additional Schools

Rs. 14,000/school

20 min brainstorm call + 2 Reviews of Essays (up to 3) for 1 school


  • Ajay K R – Indiana University Kelley admit with 60% scholarship and TAship, USC interview, ISB interview, Duke Waitlist
  • Alan Jimmy – Cornell Tech, TAMU Mays, Emory Goizueta, Interviewed at Vanderbilt, and Boston University
  • Kautilya Nishant – Babson with 60% scholarship

How to Contact Us?

Due to the high volume of queries, we are taking phone appointments ONLY if you are considering enrolling with us. To begin with, you MUST follow ALL these instructions to get a timely and appropriate response. Let us begin a wonderful journey together ?

1 Fill Profile Form

Please fill out this form before you contact us so that we can have your background information. Note that filling this form alone does NOT alert us, so you STILL NEED TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. We do not misuse any of the information filled here, but we cannot entertain any phone calls or email until you have filled this form out.

2 Book a phone appointment

Go to our calendar on this link and book a time to talk on the phone – At this time, we are providing individual advice ONLY to people who are interested in enrolling in one of our counseling packages for next Spring/Fall. You can decide whether you want to enroll or not after talking to us but please do not schedule an appointment if you have general questions about studying abroad.

In case of any issue, reach us on scholarstrategy(at)

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