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Want to study abroad in a top university?

Ever felt frustrated about competitive exams in India? Ever felt you are not getting the education worth your money? Ever wished building your career was easier? Ever wondered if YOU can find your way to Harvard, Stanford or MIT?

Welcome aboard, you are not alone. And no, it’s not too late. People who get into these schools are not born to succeed, they just focused on the right things. And, so can you.

Indian Institutes are great – but only a handful. Even the IITs don’t rank in Top 10 engineering schools in the world. Education in India is getting extremely competitive and on top of that, it is not the best. So, why not study in top schools of the world, get a better quality education and that too without going through ridiculously designed entrance exams or paying donations?

With little planning, you can study in best colleges in the world and plan a brighter future for yourself. And, its not rocket science.

I am Nistha and I’m starting this blog to share the learnings that I have acquired through academics, jobs, my own ventures and most importantly, life in general. I graduated from an average engineering college in India in 2004, then headed to world’s 5th best Computer Science Engineering school – University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, for Masters, then spent some insightful years on Wall Street, went for an MBA from world’s 10th best MBA program at the most happening New York University (and then dropped out of it. Why? That is a story for another time). The bottomline is that I got to a point where I could proceed in life on my terms. And, so can you. With my fair share of global education, I am developing strategies that can help Indian students find their way into TOP INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS.

Try it out for yourself. If you are an Indian student and want to increase your chances of succeeding at bigger things in life – stop fretting about entrance exams and stop compromising.


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Proven strategies to get into TOP schools

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I really liked the personalized experience. Besides the excellent guidance during applications, I think scholar strategy has an edge as it focuses on developing a community which is helpful in quickly resolving queries even after admissions.
Yashovardhan, CMU BIC, KTH ML