The Common Sense MBA: How I made the MBA work for me by dropping out of NYU Stern?

Must read before considering an MBA

I sipped my coffee and glanced nervously at my watch at a chic coffeeshop in Midtown Manhattan. I was about to meet Jim, co-founder of Yipit. It was the ending of Summer, 2011 and my summer internship at Fundspire was about to be over. Soon, I would be heading back to the second year of my full-time MBA at NYU Stern.

In the next thirty minutes, I was offered a full-time role as the Director of Operations at Yipit effective immediately. I had been a techie my whole life and MBA was a way for me to understand how startups functioned, what else is there to a business other than a software product etc. The role was giving me all the exposure I had dreamed of.

Yipit was founded by Harvard grads, had received fresh funding and was growing well. The chance to join as their eighth employee was tempting indeed. Jim asked me to think about it. Accepting the offer meant dropping out of NYU Stern MBA program midway. It had taken me two years of application to get into NYU. Dropping out without a degree had its perils. It could mean kissing goodbye to a traditional MBA role or any hopes of promotion in a big MNC.

But I swear I was thrilled. I distinctly remember the walk back to my apartment. If I was shivering, it was not because of the cold. Amidst the poetic drizzle, my thoughts were going back to everything I had done to reach that point.

What I ended up doing is something we already know from the title of this book. What makes it worth writing about is the journey itself and why I chose what I chose. If you are contemplating an MBA, you will appreciate what I am about to tell you. It will either remove all your doubts and strengthen your conviction in pursuing an MBA or it will make you realize that MBA is not [yet] right for you. Whatever you end up deciding afterward will be an informed decision. 

So, make yourself a good cup of tea or coffee or pop open the can of soda and sit back. You are about to understand the most Common Sense way to do or not do an MBA.

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