1. Introduction
    • Why did I write this book?
  2. All about MS
    • Have you ever wondered about studying in United States? This chapter provides a brief overview of MS, PhD and MIS programs in USA with a focus on Indian applicants. It ends by explaining how the book is organized.
  3. Career choices for Indian engineers
    • Indian engineers face a lot of dilemma about future career options. This chapter discusses various choices that are available such as taking up a job, pursuing MBA, MTech, civil services, becoming an entrepreneur or going for MS abroad.
  4. Why should one go for MS?
    • Some Indians are not aware of the benefits of pursuing MS abroad and have misconception about its affordability and value. This chapter focuses on clearing those misconceptions and listing the academic, professional and financial benefits. It also discusses who should consider MIS/MEM.
  5. Is MS the Right Choice for you NOW?
    • This chapter helps the reader understand whether MS is a feasible and right option for her professionally and financially at this time. While there is a strong reason to do MS, one must still ask – ‘Is it right for me and is it right for me now?’
  6. Overview of the Application Process
    • MS admission process works very differently than Indian admissions. This chapter discusses those differences and enlists the components of the application.
  7. Taking the Dreaded CBTs
    • In this chapter, the reader is made familiar with the computer based adaptive tests that are required for the applications along with tips for success.
  8. Selecting the Right Schools
    • There are hundreds of universities in USA that one can apply to. Since there is a non-trivial cost of application to each university, one needs to carefully weigh the options. This chapter throws light on the factors that an applicant should consider before shortlisting these schools.
  9. Preparing the crucial documents
    • What makes MS applications tricky is the non objective component of Personal Essays and Recommendations. This chapter presents a guide to getting into the minds of application evaluators and writing meaningful essays. It also enlists the most common mistakes that applicants make and how to avoid them.
      • SOP
      • LOR
      • Resume
      • Essays (for MIS)
  10. Applying and Results
    • This chapter discusses some other things that students should be aware of as they apply and get results.
  11. Crossing the Visa hurdle
    • The last leg of an application consists of getting the student visa for studying in USA. This chapter briefly covers the latest procedure and documents required to secure the student visa.
  12. Secrets of a Winning Application
    • What does it take to put forth a strong application and improve your chances of admission? This chapter discusses concrete strategies to help you plan ahead and build a strong profile for applications. Some applicants will have not so ideal academics and test scores. A special section is devoted to compensate for any weakness in their applications.
  13. Let’s talk Money
    • One of the biggest considerations while deciding upon MS is the higher cost of education. This chapter talks about the typical cost of pursuing MS as well as ways to lower the financial burden by seeking loans and financial aid.
      • How much does it cost?
      • How to finance?
      • Creative ways of funding
      • Should I take a loan?
      • Break even analysis – How fast will you recover your loan and investment?
  14. Inside Graduate School of USA
    • Let’s take a peek into what studying in American graduate schools entails. This chapters sheds light on what to expect while studying – grading, curriculum, internship paperwork etc
  15. The road beyond MS: Advice from successful students
    • MS opens up a plethora of career opportunities that are discussed in this chapter. It focuses on most popular choices and features interviews of successful professionals (of Indian origin) in each stream.
      • Corporate Jobs
      • Research Labs
      • Academia
      • Start up
      • MBA
      • Family Business

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