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How Swati got into Harvard Data Science program?

Case Study time it is. Today, we are profiling Swati Sharma from Thapar University. She received an admit into Harvard Data Science program for Fall 2018.


GRE: 332
GPA: 9.88
Work Experience: Amadeus full stack developer since 2016


Swati joined the counseling (Mastermind package) in October and spent 2-2.5 months refining her application with us. She applied to Harvard Data Science and CS program at other schools in Dec-Jan and received her first admit from Harvard in February. She also has an admit from Columbia and UCSD for CS!

We interviewed her to get a detail of how she had built her profile and managed to crack Harvard. Here you go.

Full Interview


Biggest takeaway for me is that any elite school is not out of reach for non-IIT or non-Google students. If you work hard in your undergrad, do interesting projects, score well in GRE, YOU CAN GET INTO TOP SCHOOLS. It is not dependent on big brands on your resume.

Internet has given us tremendous resource access. By taking worldclass MOOCs and applying that knowledge, you can prove your merit.

So, go for it. Dream big.

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  1. Hey Swati!

    Just out of curiosity, I went through your profile on LinkedIn. I looks like you joined the computer science program from UCLA and not the SM DS program at Harvard. Any particular reason behind this decision?

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I really liked the personalized experience. Besides the excellent guidance during applications, I think scholar strategy has an edge as it focuses on developing a community which is helpful in quickly resolving queries even after admissions.
Yashovardhan, CMU BIC, KTH ML