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Success story for MS Robotics

We are very happy to start reporting our success stories and case studies.

wpiSupreeth is one of our earliest and favorite students. He joined SS when he was already working with another counselor. He had a fantastic research profile but not so ideal GPA and GRE. He had applied very ambitiously the first time and received rejects from all. And, now he is studying at one of the TOP programs for Robotics. We helped focusing on stronger schools in his area of interest (Robotics) suited for his profile. Sometimes, we are too blinded by general rankings but when our area of interest is very specific, we need to spend time focusing on finding best programs for our specialization (not necessarily the top ranked in general rankings). Also, we need to decide when to reapply to a program that rejected us and when to not. It isn’t wise to be just obstinate and keep applying to same programs. But most importantly, we should NEVER give up.

This is his profile-
Undergraduation – BE Electrical Engineering from BMS Bangalore
GPA – 7.76 (first class distinction)
GRE – 311
Toefl – 108
Experience – Good internship and 1.5 years solid research experience from IISc and RRI (2 International journal research publications with him being the 1st author)
Area of Interest – Computer Vision and Robotics

And, we are happy to report that he is now a proud student at WPI, one of the top 10 schools highly regarded in the field of Robotics.

WPI is probably the first university in the country that has a major in robotics, and so that’s kind of excitingColin Angle, CEO of Roomba maker iRobot

He joined WPI in Spring 2014 session and sent us this update that we are happy to share here 🙂 –

I am doing good 🙂
Stayed at NY for a week at my friends’ .. Roamed around the city that never sleeps!-NY.. It was real fun.. NYSE, Subway, Ferry to Staten Island, NY Skyline, Streets of Manhattan, Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge at 11.30 PM, Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller center, Windows of 5th avenue show, Temples of Flushing Meadows and what not !! 🙂 Really enjoyed it :DThen went to NJ for 2 days to my Brother’s.. Had good food, shopped a lot and then came to Worcester on 5th Jan..Since I was the 1st Robotics student to report at the front office, I was given a liberty to choose my grad advisor- Picked Prof. Taskin Padir (whom I had always wanted to work with !).. Then met him- By god’s grace, he liked my research at RRI.. Now I have been given an opportunity to work at the RiVER lab for the NASA Sample Return Rover challenge-2014 !! 🙂 Prof. Padir said he would give me 3 credits for the work – (called Directed Research) , which would add to my MS degree..It has been a great start Nistha 🙂 Thank you for all the help you gave me…. and Do let me know if something is required of me for Scholar Strategy ! 🙂

Read his full testimonial here.


  1. What should we do to study masters in robotics
    As I am doing 1st year in B. E mechanical engineering

  2. Fake results. Don’t be a douche bag by posting these fake admits. Mid life crisis I guess is sulking you

  3. I got admit from WPI for fall 15. I want to contact your student supreeth and get some help. Can I get his mail id?

  4. Is it better to apply for Spring 2015 or shall I wait for till Fall 2015?

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