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When NYU Poly changed the reject to an admit!

Fall 2015 decisions have started coming out and while we have much to cheer about, this experience of one of our students steals the show.

MP had received a reject from NYU Poly for his MS in Cybersecurity application despite a good profile and early application. He just did not sit dejected and decided to ask the Admission Committee a reason for the reject and restated the credentials that make him a good candidate. Now, in my experience, this is usually the moment when the university sends you a template email citing how they received  a great number of great applications and you just missed the mark. But, luckily for MP, NYU Poly Admission Personnel looked into it, recommended his name to the Admission Office and his reject was changed into an admit. Congrats MP!

Does it mean that you should start harassing every school that rejects you? No. Please don’t! But if you were really sure of your application to a comparatively safer school, it might be worth asking them for a reason politely. Most likely, you will not hear back from them or get that canned response but who knows when the luck might smile upon you? So, this was my feel-good story for the Fall 2015 batch.

I wish you all a good luck and we will be announcing the results as and when they come on our Facebook page – so join us there for updates!

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I really liked the personalized experience. Besides the excellent guidance during applications, I think scholar strategy has an edge as it focuses on developing a community which is helpful in quickly resolving queries even after admissions.
Yashovardhan, CMU BIC, KTH ML