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My story featured on CrazyEngineers

Growth of Scholar Strategy as well as my books was recently covered in an exclusive interview with Crazy Engineers. Give it a read to see how my own journey has unfolded. As I keep mentioning, it is really important to introspect and figure out what career path can make you happy. So, I hope this story into my own growth will provide you with additional inspiration and insight.

Read the full story here.


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MS Book by Nistha Tripathi


I will be graduating from Portland State University in 2018, completing my Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering – and I would like to thank Scholar Strategy for enabling me for a journey that I never planned to do. A little bit of history about myself, I was working as a Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise for 2 years and there has been something constant throughout my time there – total dislike for the job and thoughts on how to get out it for good. Nistha played a piv… Read more
Melvin, Intel, Cadence, EE