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Case Study: MS Analytics (Sharan)

Announcing first admission for Spring 2016. Sharan has received an admit from UIUC for a course MS in Analytics. A full case study will be compiled soon but for now, here are some profile details:

Program admitted to: UIUC – Master Of Science in Statistics: Analytics Concentration

Undergraduation – BE Chemical Engineering from Bangalore
GPA – 9.16
GRE – 324
Experience – Very offbeat. First, pursued trading independently for two years, developing models on his own, then working with a securities firm for last one year. Lot of analytical experience.
Challenge – Non relevant major in Bachelors, no formal background in Stats/Analytics. Work experience also very self-learning and startupish. It was a challenge to build a coehernt convincing story.
Strengths – Passion for the field evident in the SOP, took trainings to compensate for missing background.
Lessons – Do not underestimate self-learning and genuine passion. It is possible to switch fields with a non-conventional background too. 

You can read his full testimonial here.


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  1. Hii I am a civil engineering student in 4th year. I scored 307 in gre and 2.5 in AWA.
    TOEFL- 97
    College aggregate -82.87%
    1 internship at L&T
    Can you help evaluate my profile and suggest me universities for fall 2016 for Ms in civil probably in structures. I want a real good university and is there a chance of UIUC or texas Austin

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