I went through your book and I must say it is really comprehensive and the most genuine source I have found on the internet.

Abhinav, accepted to UIUC, UT Austin and USC for MS CS

I had purchased MS Book in September 2015. I had doubts, initially, whether to go ahead with it as I had heard about it through a Quora blog. Well, since it was economical and I didn’t see any harm in going ahead with it and I rate it to be one of my best buys of 2015! It helped me a lot in completing my applications on time.

I finally managed to get admits from four universities (four out of four) in the United States:

  1. Carnegie Mellon University – Admit
  2. University of Wisconsin, Madison – Admit
  3. Pennsylvania State University – Admit
  4. University of Pittsburgh – Admit
  5. Nanyang Technological University – Pending Decision

I had managed this with a very average , more like, a commonly seen profile. So I had to adhere to the second part of my plan to make use of all the tools and tips provided by your book. I would like to particularly highlight the detailed timeline provided by your book which helped me manage my time effectively and I stuck by it. Also, the Canvas concept helped me structure my SOP so that I could list out my achievements like parts of a short story focusing on my milestones. I equally appreciate the tactics and strategies provided to counter the road blocks I had faced for completing the remaining documents.

Well my profile, was like this:

GRE/TOEFL : 315/104
GPA: 8.56
College: National Institute of Technology, Surathkal
Papers: No papers
Work Experience: 2 years by June’16, Supply Chain Management, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles
Good SOP (I guess) and decent LORs
Courses Applied to: Mechanical, Industrial, Manufacturing System Engineering

Sincerely thanking you for your work and all the help I could get. All the very best with the print version, hope it achieves the success it deserves.

– Aqueel Nazim Altaf

There is a specific section on how to contact Professors with a template email which was very useful to me. Effective SOP writing canvas given in this book helped me to organize my SOP well. Several case studies and students’ experience are shared to give different perspective and valuable suggestions. The key highlight is that the author (Nistha) herself is an Engineer from one of the top engineering schools in USA. It is truly a “Complete Guide” to plan graduate studies and career in USA.

Kanagaraj, accepted to Columbia and Rutgers for MS/PhD, EE

The most comprehensive guide for MS in USA.
I remember completing the book in 5 days. Chapters were very well laid out.
And the fact its coming from someone who has done it all, it just became something else for me.

Tushar Ahuja, NYU

Nistha is not a Counselor, she’s a Mentor and an Inspiration. Every step of the way moulding you to do better. She is honest with her remarks and always guides you to aim high.

Samantha Shetty, CMU

The book is good for people who are beginning their preparation for MS.

Chapters are well distributed. Great work!

Akshay Nagpal

I would like to thank you for the wonderful book you have published..:)

Abhishek Ranjan

Your book on MS in USA, is really helpful as it gives a complete picture of what process we have to undergo and what all to expect there. Thanks a lot for taking effort and stretching your hands to help us.

Noha Peter