There’s a growing concern – what does Coronavirus or COVID 19 pandemic mean for international students who are hoping to start their schools/colleges this Fall? Following information is relevant if you are considering MS in USA, MBA or Bachelor’s in USA.

Should you defer your admit or not?

Covid impact on MS MBA Fall admissions

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Impact on Fall 2020 Admissions

International students who were supposed to join Grad Schools are jittery.

Options offered by few schools

As you know, >95% of the universities in USA have moved their classes completely online for rest of the Spring semester. What this shows is that if things don’t improve, even Fall classes might continue online only. Few schools are already offering this as an option to those who are admitted.

Here are few coronavirus announcements for international students made by different schools such as CMU, UFL, University of Massachusetts, Amherst etc. (shared by our FB group members). Thanks to Sumit, Vishwas and Swapnil for these…

NCSU – recommending students to join the first semester online, and complete the degree in 3 semesters. Applicants can defer the admissions by Aug 1, and they have assured they will accept all deferral requests. But students do have to accept the admission by April 15, otherwise, they will drop them and offer the seat to someone else.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst – given the choice to defer to Fall 2021 only, and not Spring. But they are also giving another option ie to take online classes. For online classes, UMass has changed the program to a total of 5 semesters thereby allowing students to do CPT in Summer 2022. They have now changed it further to 6 semesters for those who want to do Co-op. The MS in CS Program has a total of 30 credits and UMass is recommending everyone to take on 3 or 6 credits per semester online so that the coursework can be stretched to 5 semesters.

While we do not fully know how it will unfold, you can be more vigilant and wise about it.

Possible relaxation on visa regulation by USCIS

US administration is now taking deep measures to get the situation under control. See what USCIS says about special circumstances and how they can relax the visa regulations for people on student visa (check the section Special Student Relief). So, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Global recession and job losses ahead

One of the worst outcomes of the covid-19 pandemic is the impact on industries and economy. Given the lockdowns and complete fullstop on travel, retail and physical meetups – so many industries are shutting down. Even when the lockdown ends, it is going to take sometime for the markets to bounce back and employment figures to catch up.

What does this mean for Master’s students? Read 5 ways coronavirus will impact the job search for MS and MBA students.

What can you do now?

  1. Wait and watch how the situation unfolds. You can decide whether to defer or to start with online classes by end of May or mid-June.
  2. Meanwhile, keep preparing yourself for the jobhunt ahead. Check out our Internship Masterclass to get a headstart in your job preparation.

As always, we keep the facts straight and give unbiased advice in our counseling. Launched Internship Masterclass to help people combat the Covid Anxiety. Contact us if you want to avail any of our career guidance services. We are happy to help you in any way we can.

That’s it – we will keep updating this page as and when we hear anything important. Stay safe and reach out to us if you have any other queries about your upcoming Grad School dreams.

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