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Author: Nistha

Free Salary Negotiation Email Script and Template

Salary Negotiations can be difficult and stressful but are an important part of any interview process, annual employee review, or promotion. Having the opportunity to negotiate your salary over email
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How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

Whether you are applying for a new job, discussing your annual salary increase, or interviewing for a promotion, negotiating your salary can be a difficult and stressful process. Depending on
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6 Reasons Why Your F1 US Student VISA Would Get Rejected

This year, many students will apply for a US student visa to go and study in the US. But only 85% of them will get one.  Why do other 15%
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Columbia MS in Data science Review

How good is Columbia Data Science MS program?

There are a decent number of Data Science programs in the US and their count is increasing every year. We are going to review how good Columbia Data Science program
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Case Study: UT Austin & Georgia Tech MS in Operations Research

Getting into UT Austin MS in Operations Research (MS OR) with a GRE score of 316 is usually very hard. But Aastha Chawla did it. How did Aastha crack Top
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How to build interview winning LinkedIn Profile in 7 steps

Here are 7 specific steps to make your LinkedIn profile ready for job hunt. You are most likely doing it wrong. Have you noticed when a classmate walks up to
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How to get an extension on tuition deposit fee

Ankit had an admit from Rutgers MS in Data Science program but the school was asking for $1500 tuition deposit fee. Ankit did not want to pay it because he
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Key Skills That You Should Include on Your Resume

Creating a resume is an important part of the job application process and there are plenty of ways to make your resume stand out from the rest. While ensuring your
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Didn’t crack CAT? 4 great options you can still explore.

1.92 lac students appeared for CAT 2021. Only 3000-5000 will make it to IIMs. Rest 1.87 lac can beat themselves for not making it or they can explore one of
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