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MS/MIS Counseling Packages

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We do NOT outsource any review or brainstorming call. Our reviews are in-depth and rigorous. This is why we take only a limited candidates each season and close our intake once we have filled those seats. To improve your chances, enroll early.

Last call for Fall 2020, now offering post-peak season discount for a limited period!

  • High Level
    9500 10500
    • 3 reviews of SOP only
    • Valid for Fall or Spring
  • Comprehensive
    19500 21000
    • Email guidance for SOP, LORs, school selection
    • No phone interaction whatsoever
    • 4 reviews of SOP & LORs
    • Valid for Fall or Spring
    • +3,000 for extra essay reviews
  • Personal
    28500 31000
    • Phone guidance for SOP, LORs, school selection
    • 45 mins personal brainstorming
    • 7 reviews of SOP & LORs
    • Valid for Fall or Spring
    • Visa Templates
    • +3,000 for extra essay reviews
  • Mastermind
    Best Value
    37500 41000
    • Phone guidance for SOP, LORs, school selection
    • 90 mins personal brainstorming on application & career queries
    • Career Map group sessions (ultimate internship & job hunt guidance)
    • Monthly QnA group session
    • Unlimited reviews of SOP & LORs
    • Valid for Fall and next Spring
    • Visa Templates
    • MS Book Complete Ed included
    • +3,000 for extra essay reviews

High Level

If you are a reapplicant or someone who has a firm grasp on the process and needs an expert eye just for your SOP, then High Level Package is the way to go.



If you are a reapplicant/first-timer who needs few more inputs with SOP, LORs, and is not sure what schools are good for you, then go for Comprehensive package. It does not include any personal interactions.



If you are a first time applicant with no idea how to start or even what program should you apply for, then go for Personal package so that we can spend one-to-one time to answer your questions, craft your story and strategize the whole application. This brainstorming differentiates it from Comprehensive Package.



If you are a first time applicant who wants to plan for a fulfilling career through Grad School , then go for Mastermind package so that we can not only guide you to a great School but also prep you for internship and job hunt most effectively. This is the package that guides your application process plus recruitment at Grad School. This is the mother of all packages!

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