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Main Benefits of our Program

We are India’s best & most cost effective online application counseling service.



We know what it takes. We did it ourselves by graduating from:

  • UIUC (world's 4th best CS pgm)
  • NYU (world's 10th best MBA)

Global Network


By joining us, you can access:

  • Our global network of mentors hailing from Columbia, Booth, Purdue, CMU...
  • Our global network of alumni hailing from Duke, Cornell, UIUC...

Save time and money


We are an online service, saving money on physical space. Hence,

  • We are more cost effective than local counselors
  • No commute time wasted, reach us online!
  • No appointments, talk to us at your convenience

We are a team of successful students who have done the process ourselves. We know the ins and outs of the admission process for MS, MIS, PhD and MBA programs and provide more genuine advice than local counselors.

Our advice includes complete strategy for getting into the best school you deserve. We do NOT recommend low quality schools where your admission is guaranteed. We do NOT give you SOP templates that make you look like thousand other applicants. We provide high quality strategic resources for application complimented with customized brainstorm and counseling sessions and document reviews (SOP, LOR, Essays, CV etc.) No bullshit.

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Scholar Strategy has great raves from happy students.

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High Level Review Shortlisting Universities
Three Reviews of SOP only
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High Level Visa Advice
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Detailed help in Shortlisting Universities
Detailed help in SOP, essays & other docs
Consecutive Fall and Spring Validity
Full Visa Counseling
Full Access to Mentor Network

Meet Our Founder

Study Abroad Founder

Nistha Tripathi


Why you should work with us?

We are not counselors, we are more like mentors. And we are building a network community between successful students and aspiring students. We believe that current students and graduates can offer best advice to prospective students – so why not build that community itself? When you take any package with us, you automatically become a part of this network and can access our contacts and resources. We would like you to avail these resources and once you come out with flying colors, give back to the community by being a mentor!

I am Nistha Tripathi, founder of Scholar Strategy, a Computer Science graduate from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign 2007 and MBA-dropout from New York University 2011. I worked successfully at Wall Street and New York Internet startups before moving back to India to start my own Internet ventures. From doing BE in India to studying MS and MBA from top universities, working with top employers in USA and starting something from scratch in India, I was exposed to diverse academic and professional challenges that helped me come up with the concept for Scholar Strategy.

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Our Students have received admits from

John Hopkins
SUNY Buffalo
UC Irvine

...and many more. Read our success stories here.

"What the mind can conceive, it can achieve"

- Napolean Hill