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Mentorship by UIUC CS grad and NYU MBA dropout. Quora Top Writer. Author. Ex-wall-streeter and Manhattan entrepreneur.
Our students are going to Harvard, UIUC, Berkeley, Austin, Georgia Tech, CMU. And heading to Apple, Google, Amazon, Wall Street, Microsoft Research...
We are looking for a STAR to conquer STANFORD with us
We have conquered UIUC, Harvard, MIT, Austin, CMU, Columbia and more. If you get into Stanford, we will give back 50% of your fee back 🙂
Genuine work. No bullshit.

Why we are beating everyone else different?

We are not counselors, we are more like mentors. We believe that current students and graduates can offer best advice to prospective students – so why not build that community itself? Our closed FB group has evolved into a powerhouse of kickass advice and tips between past and current students.

Our advice includes complete strategy for getting into the best school you deserve. We do NOT recommend low quality schools where your admission is guaranteed. We do NOT give you SOP templates that make you look like thousand other applicants. We help you craft your UNIQUE story by rigorous reviews of SOP, LOR, and Essays.

Closed Group

Kickass advice on our closed FB group – exclusively for clients. With more Scholar Strategy students getting into top schools every year, this group is becoming the most important reason why you should work with us!


Our SOP crafting and reviews process is hailed as the best way to present your application by our previous clients. It is uniquely designed to help you reach the ambitious schools.


Graduating from UIUC and NYU Stern, we know what it takes to get into top schools.

Honest practices

We never give false hopes. We tell you that its going to be a tough journey ahead but we will help you get the best you can. We work only with select students.

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Our e-book MS Book: Smart Engineer’s Complete Guide to MS in USA, is a reference book for Engineers and why they should study abroad. It is filled with Nistha’s own experiences from UIUC, lessons and interviews of other successful grads and is touted by the readers as ‘most authentic advice out there’.

I had purchased MS Book in September 2015. I had doubts, initially, whether to go ahead with it as I had heard about it through a Quora blog. Well, since it was economical and I didn’t see any harm in going ahead with it and I rate it to be one of my best buys of 2015! It helped me a lot in completing my applications on time – Aqueel (admitted to CMU, Wisconsin, PennState)

Our clients speak for us!

  • The personal chat helped me figure out how my SOP should look like. Nistha patiently reviewed all my SOP and LOR drafts with perfection. Most importantly, the SS community is huge, and there was always a senior to help me out with my questions, and interactive webinars were very helpful.

    Bhargav UCLA, UCI, VT (CS)
  • Nistha is very critical with the SOP and the LORs. She pushes students to get the best out of them. This might sometimes feel hectic and students might feel that whatever they've already written would be enough. But, trust me Nistha knows what is correct. She has been in this industry for a quite a while now. Nistha pays a lot of importance to the fact that the overall profile including resume, SOPs and LORs are an important aspect to the college application. Merely having a good GRE/TOEFL would not suffice. Thanks a lot Nistha for your help!

    Tushar CMU MIS, Dartmouth MEM
  • My experience with Scholar Strategy was life changing. Nistha made me realize my true potential and I was able to get into some of the top Universities in the world. Having worked with a different counseling agency before joining Scholar Strategy made me realize how different Nistha’s approach is and what I liked the most is the timely manner in which everything is taken care of, starting from school selection to SOP and LORs. I feel the one on one conversation I had with Nistha motivated me and gave me a clear perspective of what to expect from Scholar Strategy and the whole application process. My SOP went from mediocre to exceptional due to the efforts put by Nistha. I am happy to join UIUC which is Nistha’s alma mater. I hope to make her proud. Thank you, Scholar Strategy.

    Ankan UIUC, PennState, VT (Aerospace)

Come work with us

  • High Level
    â‚ą7499/ sem
    • 3 reviews of SOP only
    • Valid for Fall or Spring
  • Comprehensive
    â‚ą19500/ sem
    • Getting started email guidance for SOP, LORs, school selection
    • 5 reviews of SOP & LORs
    • Valid for Fall or Spring
    • Visa Templates
    • +3,000 for extra essay reviews
  • Personal
    â‚ą27500/ sem
    • Getting started email guidance for SOP, LORs, school selection
    • 45 mins personal brainstorming
    • 7 reviews of SOP & LORs
    • Valid for Fall or Spring
    • Visa Templates
    • +3,000 for extra essay reviews
  • Mastermind
    â‚ą36500/ year
    • Getting started email guidance for SOP, LORs, school selection
    • 90 mins personal brainstorming
    • Career Map group session (ultimate internship & job hunt guidance)
    • Monthly QnA group session
    • Unlimited reviews of SOP & LORs
    • Valid for Fall and next Spring
    • Visa Templates
    • MS Book Complete Ed included
    • +3,000 for extra essay reviews

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