There’s a growing concern – what does Coronavirus or COVID 19 pandemic mean for international students who are hoping to study in USA? Following information is VERY IMP if you are considering MS in USA, MBA or Bachelor’s in USA.

Nistha’s Study Abroad Meetup on 23 Aug

We held a discussion on WHY YOU MUST APPLY for MS in USA for 2021 ASAP. In a highly interactive session, Nistha discussed how things are shaping up for 2021. We are sharing the recording for a LIMITED TIME.

What happened so far?

International students who were supposed to join Grad Schools in 2020 ended up deferring their admissions to Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 (if allowed).

Meanwhile, Trump threw few curveballs gathering the wrath of international students alike. He first suspended new H1B visa issuance, then he asked all international students to leave USA, then he was sued by Harvard and MIT which made him take back his attack on F1 students. However, it turned out that any new student starting his classes in 2020 wasn’t allowed to enter USA physically in Fall 2020. Last week, Trump also loosened the strict suspension of new H1B visas.

As you can see, a LOT is happening. This brings us to the VERY IMP Q – What will happen to the applications next year? Should you apply or not.

Our answer is 200% YES. You should – no, you need to – apply. Why? Hear Nistha talk about it on 23rd Aug.

Agenda for this meetup discussion

Nistha talked about:

  • What is happening in USA?
  • Should you be applying for 2021? Pros and Cons
  • What next?

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Global recession and job losses in the aftermath of Covid-19

One of the worst outcomes of the covid-19 pandemic is the impact on industries and economy. Given the lockdowns and complete fullstop on travel, retail and physical meetups – so many industries are shutting down. Even when the lockdown ends, it is going to take sometime for the markets to bounce back and employment figures to catch up.

What does this mean for Master’s students? Read 5 ways coronavirus will impact the job search for MS and MBA students.

That’s it – we will keep updating this page as and when we hear anything important. Stay safe and reach out to us if you have any other queries about your upcoming Grad School dreams.

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