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Results 2015-2017

Here are the fabulous results for Spring/Fall 2017,¬†we have some great new schools to our portfolio now – UIUC MS CS, UT Austin, MS CS, UCLA MS CS, UC Davis PhD, Wisconsin Madison MS EE, CMU ECE, Berkeley MIS, Foster MIS, Virginia Tech CS, Purdue Mechanical etc etc! If you are applying next year and […]

How Deepika got an internship at Facebook?

Deepika was one of our Fall 2016 batch student who went to USC to pursue her MS in CS. She cracked a summer internship at Facebook in 2017. So, we caught up with her and talked how she managed it! What does it take to get a Facebook Internship from USC? If you are dying […]

20 Secrets to Successful Dating in Grad School

The time in Grad School (equally relevant to college) is not just critical for your career but also for personal relationships. Many a time, school life does not derail because of the decisions of mind but that of the heart. A healthy approach to relationships is a must have. Here are 20 tips to keep […]

How good is Portland State University for MS EE?

Welcome back! Today, I am sharing detailed feedback by Melvin¬†Thomas, who is pursuing MS EE from Portland State University and interning at AMD. This is what he wrote about the program in an email- Feedback from MS EE student at Portland State University I know that this is one the last options of many MS […]

5 deadly mistakes by MS/MBA applicants

Every year I see some good profiles getting rejected on various forums. It is not that shocking really. Let us see the worst mistakes applicants make in their applications. application mistakes 1. Applying to wrong/very-few schools Wrong schools are the ones that are likely to reject you or do not offer you the right career […]

One-year or two-year MS program?

Let us discuss the pros and cons of each and decide whether you should apply for one-year or two-year MS programs. Most of the thesis based courses are two years. Only if you wish to return to industry, some universities offer one-year fast track MS programs. One year programs are more usual in professional programs […]

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