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How to get your research papers published?

Significance of research papers publications For the first time, China has overtaken the United States in terms of the total number of science research papers publications, according to [...]

MTech in India vs MS in USA – which is better?

Let’s cut the chase. Many applicants wonder if they should just go for an MTech in India instead of supposedly expensive MS degree in USA. Here are my thoughts on the same. Whether you [...]

How to strengthen your profile for MS in USA

There are many ways to improve your profile before you apply to MS. Here are few things that can make the most impact- Publish papers for thesis-based degrees You can work with your college [...]

How to fund your MS/MBA education

While the education in USA seems prohibitively costly at first glance, the good news is that there is decent possibility of funding if you can get into a reputed grad school (depends on other [...]

Why should anyone do an MBA?

Because the ROI makes sense for you including the tangible and non tangibles. Assumptions Let’s talk about full time MBA in USA/Europe where most of the Top B Schools are. Assuming you are [...]

How you can get into Research after MS and contact Professors for PhD?

Summary Asha Shibu (LinkedIn profile) pursued MS Energy at TAMU but managed to head to Oak Ridge National Lab as a research intern/engineer. Now, she is applying for PhD with promising responses [...]

5 deadly mistakes by MS/MBA applicants

Every year I see some good profiles getting rejected on various forums. It is not that shocking really. Let us see the worst mistakes applicants make in their applications. application mistakes [...]

One-year or two-year MS program?

Let us discuss the pros and cons of each and decide whether you should apply for one-year or two-year MS programs. Most of the thesis based courses are two years. Only if you wish to return to [...]

Feedback on MS EE at UNCC

Scholar Strategy alumnus Sajin joined UNCC for MS EE in Fall 2016. He shares his feedback on the program- Before coming here, I didn’t feel that UNCC was a good option to do my [...]

WEBINAR on EE programs and recruiting in USA

Electrical and Electronics students perhaps face the toughest competition when it comes to getting into Top US programs for Master’s. EE projects are tougher and with lack of great [...]

Webinar on Analytics programs and jobs in USA

Did you miss the webinar? No problem… We make the recordings available on our facebook group for 48 hours… If you missed the recording too, don’t worry, stay tuned for next [...]

How good is Columbia Data Science MS program?

There are a decent number of Data Science programs in the US and their count is increasing every year. We are going to review how good Columbia Data Science program is in this post. We base it on [...]

MS in Financial Engineering courses

“Everyone from derivatives traders to hedge fund managers want to predict financial market outcomes. Who wouldn’t bet on a sure thing? The reality is that no one can really guarantee where [...]

My story featured on CrazyEngineers

Growth of Scholar Strategy as well as my books was recently covered in an exclusive interview with Crazy Engineers. Give it a read to see how my own journey has unfolded. As I keep mentioning, it [...]

Ingredients of an impressive SOP

In last post, we discussed how to think about the Grad School finances and get over your financial fears to take the next step towards your dream career. Lets look at some of the best practices [...]

Understanding MS Finances

In this post, we will discuss how MS exactly helps you and why it is affordable and within your reach. The content is taken from the MS Book: Smart Engineer’s Complete Guide to MS in USA. [...]

Why do applicants prefer Fall semester?

If you did not receive your dream admit in Fall or if you had missed your Fall deadlines, you are probably considering a critical question that many applicants are confused about – Fall vs [...]

How to deal with rejects?

While admits take you to seventh heaven, rejects take you to the bottom of shitpile. I know the feeling because I have been there. I got 9 rejection letters out of 10 when I applied for MS the [...]

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