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In our Career Talks, we bring accomplished guests to share the secrets to their professional success.
For our last career talk, we had our own founder, Nistha Tripathi.

Nistha conducted a super interactive webinar on 16 Aug at 6 pm IST.

Nistha is:
– MS CS from UIUC and MBA Dropout from NYU Stern
– Founder, Scholar Strategy (awarded in Digital Business Category by SheThePeople, 2018)
– Bestselling Author, No Shortcuts (awarded 3rd best business book, 2018)
– Certified Career Coach from NeuroLeadership Institute, USA
– Ex Wall Streeter with experience in both tech and business streams across multiple startups

She talked about how to FAST TRACK your career growth, how to make right career decisions, why you are not feeling fulfilled in your current job etc etc.

The session ended up invoking a LOT of discussions and questions – not to mention ton of audience love.

“Thank you, I had nevar thought about these things before. It was an eye opener.”
“This is a wake up call for me. Thank you!!!”

These are some of the responses from those who attended it.

Missed it?

You can watch the presentation used by Nistha below.

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And, here’s the BONUS offer

Want to invest in your growth and accelerate your career trajectory?

You can request a FREE Career Coaching Session with Nistha. Email to scholarstrategy [at] – with a subject line ‘requesting free career coaching trial with Nistha’

We are offering these to a select few participants depending on availability and our discretion.