Personal Package

PERSONAL ADVICE for your study abroad applications

Personalized Brainstorming. Seven reviews.

The elaborate counseling package in which we offer personalized brainstorming for your story. We learned from our failures and took out insights from our successes to come up with a better strategy for applying to study abroad which can make the difference between getting into a good and a great school.

“Which schools should I apply to?”
“Should I specialize in Robotics or VLSI?”
“Is it better to work for a year before applying for MS?”
“Foreign education is probably too expensive for me.”

You want to study in great universities but don’t know where to start. That’s why we created this package. There is a lot of confusing advice around. Further, talking to local counselors who send students abroad in bulk can mislead you. One, they have not studied abroad themselves. Two, their interest lies in sending you abroad anywhere even if it means compromising on your education or career.

But we focus on getting you into the BEST school you can – yes, we aim high and we think you should too

Our interests are aligned with yours.

Want to study abroad and build a solid career? Come, work with us.

After successful MS and MBA applications in the USA, what I realized is this – you may have +/- in your profile but if you can convey a coherent story that resonates with the AdCom, you will have better results!

Many applicants make the mistake of approaching the applications too mechanically without really thinking what the schools are looking for. Why should they admit YOU?

I designed the personal package to help you craft the best story for yourself. Once this story is clear, everything else is much easier. And that is why we have personalized brainstorming session so that we can guide you based on your individual background.

What you’ll get?

When you join this package, you’ll get-

  1. One-to-one 45 min brainstorming to help craft your individual story for SOP.. (This phone chat is what mainly differentiates this from the Comprehensive Package)
  2. Seven detailed reviews of your SOP and other documents with suggestions for improvement. We do NOT give you SOP templates that make you look like thousand other applicants.
  3. An effective technique to shortlist schools best suited for your interests – keeping your career prospects and ambitions in mind.
  4. Financial Documents templates and advice for visa interviews
  5. Access to our clients only facebook group, where you can interact with senior members studying/working in USA and fellow applicants

How does it work?

  1. You enroll.
  2. You will be instructed on how to share your SOP, LORs and school list.
  3. Over a detailed call, we will help craft your individual story for the applications. You will be instructed on how to create the first drafts of your SOP keeping your individual profile and goals in mind.
  4. Your SOP (same for LORs) will be reviewed in detail and comments will be provided for you to act on. Being engineers ourselves, we review not just the language but strategic content. Our students swear by our SOP reviews!
  5. You make the changes and resubmit the SOP for up to seven times to perfect it.
  6. We will leave comments on your school list about whether it is worth applying to that school or not. Also, we will suggest more/better schools if applicable.
  7. At the end, you have a much better SOP in your hand and a better school list.
  8. You get sample documents and advice for visa process.


Why should I join Scholar Strategy counseling?

Nistha has been guiding students since 2013. Our results speak for us – we have had admits into MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, UIUC, CMU and most of the top universities (despite our clients not being from IITs). Nistha understands what Admission Committee is looking for and can help you get into the best schools possible with your profile. We like to underpromise and overdeliver.

However, if you are looking for spoon-feeding or somebody writing SOP for you, we are not a good fit. We do not give you readymade school lists or SOP templates.

But I’m already working with a local counselor?

We are confident that our counseling is better than any local counselor. But if expense is your concern, you can look at our HIGH LEVEL ADVICE only package that proves to be a valuable resource to be used alongside other counselors.
Your counselor might be good but he probably never studied abroad himself, so he can miss out on some critical tips and guidance that only we (or anyone who has gone through the process herself) can offer.

What’s so great with your SOP reviews?

Oh, where do we start. We help you with things like:

  1. Structure and proportion of different sections
  2. Whether you are doing justice to your experience or not
  3. Add tips on how to improve a part (we can talk the engineering language very well!)
  4. Help shortening by highlighting what’s important and what not
Can you write the SOP for me?

NO. We do NOT write anything for anyone. You write and we review. It is your unique language and story in the end. That is what makes this so good. If we started writing for everyone, imagine many people submitting same kind of SOPs! – you do not want that. Even if you end up working with any other counselor, do NOT let anyone else write your SOP.

Wait, which city do you work in?

We work everywhere, we work online 🙂 We have clients in India, Middle East and South Asia. So, your physical location does NOT matter. The whole counseling is conducted over as many phone calls, video chats, emails and text messages as it takes! By saving on physical logistics, we pass on our cost benefits to you by charging much lower than your local counselors.

What if I want to get more essays reviewed?

Some schools and programs ask for essays instead of or in addition to SOP. Add Rs. 3,000 (please check the latest rate on counseling page) if you wish to get other essays (apart from SOP) reviewed as well. This option is available in Comprehensive, Personal and Mastermind pckages. Other essays (up to 3) will be only reviewed once. We have found that once a student has crafted a good SOP using our tips, other essays are much easier to tackle.

I’m sold. How do I enroll?

We do not enroll anyone without talking to them first. And if we feel that we cannot help you, we tell you that right upfront.
Please follow the steps on our contact  page and schedule a call with us. On the call, we will walk you through the process.

Why should I get Mastermind package instead of High Level package?

High level call package contains only the strategy and follow up calls. Choose Mastermind if you need help throughout your application. Mastermind includes the reviews of your SOP, LORs, and school list. Plus, you get job hunting and finding assistantships help too.

Do you help with filling application forms etc?

Our forte lies in career advice and application strategy, and we are not the best visa/loan counselor. For more mundane queries such as ‘what should I fill in this field of application forms’, ‘is my funding source okay’, ‘what should be the format for this LOR’ – it is best to pick the brains of fellow applicants and seniors on our Scholar Strategy facebook group which is super active and helpful (see below). You can use the group as much and as long as you want but our counselor doesn’t help with filling application forms etc.

Why should I get Personal package instead of Comprehensive package?

Choose this if you need more personal brainstorming. Comprehensive package provides detailed guidance but NOT individual brainstorming for SOP, LORs and essays. There is NO personal interaction in Comprehensive package.

Why should I get Comprehensive package instead of High Level?

High Level package has NO LOR, school reviews or guidance. It has only 3 SOP reviews.

What do you mean by ‘no personal interaction’ in Comprehensive package?

There will be no calls or personal brainstorming, only emails and reviews in this package. This package does not help you in personal advice over ‘how to craft your story’ or ‘which program to choose if you are confused between MS, MIS, MSBA etc’. This package is for those who are clear on what they are applying for and what is their story and need only detailed review of the documents.


  1. Please reach back so we can schedule a time to discuss about my graduate school opportunities

    • During my application procedure,how am I supposed to interact with you??
      Is it just online? or can we talk face to face

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