What’s your ideal job?

When I joined MBA program at NYU, I was made to give the TypeFinder personality test based on the famous Briggs Myers’ system used to classify people in 16 different personalities. This personality type helps in determining what kind of careers are better suited for a person. After having a varied exposure in different roles and places (engineer, team lead, director of operations, founder, author), I have come to believe that this definitely helps. Because, believe me, an introvert person is not going to enjoy a consulting or sales role in the long run and there is nothing worse than being stuck in a job that is not right for you. This is why, I lay a lot of stress on understanding what your goals are before applying so that you do not apply to programs not suited for you and end up in a job that you would never enjoy.

So, long story short, I would highly encourage you to take this test and check out what kind of personality you have. The longer version is paid but you can take a shorter 3 min free version of the test here – http://www.typefinder.com/test/type-finder-research-edition

Once you give the test, you can check out what kind of jobs align with your personality-


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