Scholar Strategy has great raves from happy students.

Nistha was very helpful in giving advice about sop. She also organised webinars regarding internships which were quite helpful.

Shravya, CMU MSIN, Gatech, UCLA (CS)

I really liked the personalized experience. Besides the excellent guidance during applications, I think scholar strategy has an edge as it focuses on developing a community which is helpful in quickly resolving queries even after admissions.

Yashovardhan, CMU BIC, KTH ML

Nistha is very critical with the SOP and the LORs. She pushes students to get the best out of them. This might sometimes suggest hectic and students might feel that whatever they’ve already written would be enough. But, trust me, Nistha knows what is correct. She has been in this industry for a quite a while now. Nistha pays a lot of importance to the fact that the overall profile including resume, SOPs and LORs are an important aspect to the college application. Merely having a good GRE/TOEFL would not suffice. Thanks a lot Nistha for your help!

Tushar Krishna, CMU MISM, Dartmouth MEM

I cannot thank Nistha enough for her guidance regarding LOR’s, SOP, University selection and finally being a pillar of support at all times. The best part is she understands the whole range of emotions students go through during the application process. Most people don’t, because they themselves never faced such a situation.

Scholar Strategy being an online venture is very convenient for everyone I guess. It saved me a lot of time. The only thing I needed to do whenever I had any query was to shoot Nistha an email and I knew I was going to get a reply for sure!

I wouldn’t have got into any of the awesome places had it not been for Nistha! It was a great experience! Thank you!

PS: My writing skills improved while drafting my SOP and LOR! Thank you for that also! 😀

Neel Chatterjee, UMN (EE)

Having worked with Nistha to design my application strategy, I would say she is amazing and provided me really insightful feedback on SOP and assisted in shortlisting of schools. She gave me the confidence to apply for ambitious schools and promptly addressed my queries over e-mails. The best past of the Scholar Strategy service is that you’ll be certain of the timelines as to when you will receive the feedback. Their services will be a good fit for people who look for a mentor to guide them, than a mere counselor. I’m very glad that I chose Scholar Strategy and would highly recommend their services for prospective students who intend to study abroad. The bottom line is life is too short to just learn from our own mistakes, and it would be wiser to learn from others mistakes, so that we mature faster to reach greater heights in our career. I believe, this is the fundamental reason why the Scholar Strategy community thrives so well.

Thank you, Nistha !!

Valliappan, TAMU (MIS)

Nistha helped more than the SOPs and LORs. It is very reassuring when you start applying to this year long process to have someone at your side on who is competent enough for the job of guiding you. Mind you, it is all your hardwork do not expect miraculous results if you don’t put much effort. Nistha helps put what’s on your mind in a better and impactful way, rest of the thought process is with you.

Sangram, TU Munich (CS)

I can’t even begin to fathom how crucial a role Nistha played in getting me an admit from one of the biggies in the world!

I must admit I was totally clueless as I started off with my preparations for masters in US. I had parts of my application ready but I was still not able to glue them together in order to impress the admission committee. So I started seeking for a mentor – not the crooked local ones but an authentic reputed counselor who would give decisive opinions and statements about different aspects of my application.

Nistha fit the bill quite well. She is always available over email for any doubts or clarifications and the phone calls I had with her were super helpful!

I want to thank you Nistha for all the support and motivation that you have given me. My University of Illinois Urbana Champaign – Data Science dream wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Akhil, MSIM (UIUC)

I highly recommend scholar strategy because unlike other Counselling agencies, it helps aspiring students to work on SOP on their own. No one spoon feeds which infact is better and efficient way of advising. Ironically I feel more independent and confident if and when I apply to more universities and might skip counselling sessions in the future.
The best part is that by joining scholar strategy one becomes a part of a highly interactive and vibrant network of students studying or applying … creating a platform to learn and grow!! Kudos to Nistha!

Raghav, ND (MEM)

I really liked the way Nistha handles SOP and LOR reviews patiently. I am glad to be part of the Scholar Strategy society.

Praneeth, Stonybrook (CS)

Nistha was really helpful and guided me through out my application process. Right from university shortlisting to writing SOPs and LORs, her guidance was very useful. Her reviews and comments were straight-forward and meaningful. She was very approachable and was always available for assistance. Overall I would like to thank Nistha for her counseling throughout my application process and would recommend her to all my friends.

see Divya’s blog on her late application here.

Divya, ASU (MSBA)

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