Scholar Strategy has great raves from happy students.

Previously while going through the website and the testimonials, I found that everyone had a good word to lend about the SOP reviews and honestly I was tad bit skeptical as it seemed too good to be true. I always thought I’d write a great SOP by myself if I set my mind to it, but never actually would have come anywhere close if Nistha’s detailed and pointed review was missing in the process. I believe the standout aspect of her approach is that she points you in a direction where you have to move out of your comfort zone and do your groundwork yourself. And those minor judgement calls and efforts in turn shape your preparedness for the graduate studies. Thanks Nistha!!


A very good approach to spoon feeding. The best part about Scholar Strategy is the quality of mentoring by Nistha and support directly from the current students.

Khushboo, Syracuse, UTD (CS)

Helps prepare high quality materials for admissions in a very short time.

Aketh, NYU (CS)

The essence of any SOP is your story that you want to convey the admission committee and Nistha helps in bringing out the same. Through Scholar Strategy I was able to stay focused and up to the mark with my MS applications.

Vinayak, Columbia, Gatech (MFE)

I pinch myself from time to time to make sure that this isn’t a dream. Because CMU has always been my dream as far as I can remember and Scholar Strategy helped me achieve that dream.

After talking to around 10 counselors in Delhi, a friend recommended Scholar Strategy to me. I was completely clueless and misguided. Nistha brought me on the right track and was straightforward to me about my chances.

I believe in the saying ‘The more I practice, the luckier I get’ and so does Nistha. If you want someone to spoon feed you, then you are in the wrong place but if you are willing to give your everything to your application and someone to point you in the right direction then look no further. Thank you Nistha!

Ashish, CMU, TAMU (MIS), Columbia Analytics

It was awesome to work with Nistha, on my applications. I received regular responses to improve on my SOP and LOR’s. Great help in shortlisting universities.
Thank you Nistha 🙂

Ela, GSU (MIS)

The personal chat helped me figure out how my SOP should look like. Nistha patiently reviewed all my SOP and LOR drafts with perfection. Most importantly, the SS community is huge, and there was always a senior to help me out with my questions, and interactive webinars were very helpful. I would like to thank Nistha and SS for helping me.

Bhargav, UCLA, UCI, VT (CS)

Nistha was very helpful in giving advice about sop. She also organised webinars regarding internships which were quite helpful.

Shravya, CMU MSIN, Gatech, UCLA (CS)

I really liked the personalized experience. Besides the excellent guidance during applications, I think scholar strategy has an edge as it focuses on developing a community which is helpful in quickly resolving queries even after admissions.

Yashovardhan, CMU BIC, KTH ML

Nistha is very critical with the SOP and the LORs. She pushes students to get the best out of them. This might sometimes suggest hectic and students might feel that whatever they’ve already written would be enough. But, trust me, Nistha knows what is correct. She has been in this industry for a quite a while now. Nistha pays a lot of importance to the fact that the overall profile including resume, SOPs and LORs are an important aspect to the college application. Merely having a good GRE/TOEFL would not suffice. Thanks a lot Nistha for your help!

Tushar Krishna, CMU MISM, Dartmouth MEM

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