Scholar Strategy has great raves from happy students.

Nistha really helped me get the best SOP out there, with every iteration that we went through. I being a reapplicant realized how coherent and concise my words looked, after the final version was approved. From shortlisting universities to mentoring as to which one we should join, Nistha has been a great mentor.

Kamal, NCSU, CU Boulder (CS)

Amazing experience. Scholar Strategy gets the best out of a person! Would instantly recommend Scholar Strategy to anyone looking forward to pursue a master’s degree, especially in computer science.

Shikhar, CMU Silicon Valley (SE)

Iowa State University has offered me Teaching Assistantship that covers 90% of my expenses. RIT offered 20% scholarship! Nistha’s way of helping me by teaching me to help myself has made this result possible!

Amit, ISU, RIT (Mechanical)

I found out about Scholar Strategy on Quora and immediately got hold of the book by Nistha.
Once I had my scores in hand, I reached out to her for a feedback on my profile. And I am so proud of that decision.
Nistha has been a delight to work with. Some people might be surprised with her approach as there is no spoon-feeding, however that is exactly what sets her apart and helps you attain your goals realistically. 🙂
I have had a wonderful experience and am thankful for all the guidance I received from Nistha and the SS community. Thank Youu Nistha!

Kartika, U of Washington, RIT (HCI)

My experience with Scholar Strategy was life changing. Nistha made me realize my true potential and I was able to get into some of the top Universities in the world. Having worked with a different counseling agency before joining Scholar Strategy made me realize how different Nistha’s approach is and what I liked the most is the timely manner in which everything is taken care of, starting from school selection to SOP and LORs. I feel the one on one conversation I had with Nistha motivated me and gave me a clear perspective of what to expect from Scholar Strategy and the whole application process. Moreover, Nistha was always available to clear any doubts over mail and reply to any query as soon as possible with honest and straightforward answers. My SOP went from mediocre to exceptional due to the efforts put by Nistha. I am happy to join UIUC which is Nistha’s alma mater. I hope to make her proud. Thank you, Scholar Strategy.

Ankan, UIUC, PennState, VT (Aerospace)

SS helped me a lot during the application process. In addition to the help provided by Nistha, the SS community added more value to the package.

Aashray, Berkeley OR, Dartmouth MEM

Previously while going through the website and the testimonials, I found that everyone had a good word to lend about the SOP reviews and honestly I was tad bit skeptical as it seemed too good to be true. I always thought I’d write a great SOP by myself if I set my mind to it, but never actually would have come anywhere close if Nistha’s detailed and pointed review was missing in the process. I believe the standout aspect of her approach is that she points you in a direction where you have to move out of your comfort zone and do your groundwork yourself. And those minor judgement calls and efforts in turn shape your preparedness for the graduate studies. Thanks Nistha!!


A very good approach to spoon feeding. The best part about Scholar Strategy is the quality of mentoring by Nistha and support directly from the current students.

Khushboo, Syracuse, UTD (CS)

Helps prepare high quality materials for admissions in a very short time.

Aketh, NYU (CS)

The essence of any SOP is your story that you want to convey the admission committee and Nistha helps in bringing out the same. Through Scholar Strategy I was able to stay focused and up to the mark with my MS applications.

Vinayak, Columbia, Gatech (MFE)

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