Results 2015-2017

Here are the fabulous results for Spring/Fall 2017, we have some great new schools to our portfolio now – UIUC MS CS, UT Austin, MS CS, UCLA MS CS, UC Davis PhD, Wisconsin Madison MS EE, [...]


FAQs for MIS/MEM applicants

We are getting lot of interest from MIS and MEM applicants.Plus, those who are interested in Data Science and Analytics specifically. Let’s look at some of the most commonly asked [...]


MEM admit from Duke

Couldn’t be more excited as Duke is right at the top when it comes to MEM programs. And this admit comes to a reapplicant. Case study soon.


Success is psychological

Psychology is an important factor and a big one when it comes to distinguishing between successful and not so successful people. At the end of the day, skills can be developed and anyone can [...]

MEM, MIS, MIM, MSIS – management and engineering programs

As technology spreads to every tiny aspect of our lives, role of engineering management is becoming more relevant in every domain and industry. Be it pharmaceutical company or an agricultural [...]