How to prepare for UT Austin MSBA interviews?

As per one of our students who appeared for the interview-

utaustin msba interview

The interview was mainly behavioral and the questions were mostly repeated. Since my interview was quite late, I had connected with many people and prepared a comprehensive set of questions. No question was asked beyond these.

  1. Why Analytics?
  2. Why UTA?
  3. Long and short term career goals.
  4. Where do you see analytics in 3-5 years and how do you think you would contribute to it?
  5. Tell me about a project or an experience or something of that sort which you built from scratch, or something you really contributed to.
  6. Where did you hear about this program?
  7. An incidence from your life that changed you as an individual/ something that you are really proud of.
  8. Is there anything more that you feel that the admissions committee should know about you?
  9. Where do you want to work after graduation and why? US or India?
  10. Your knowledge on programming languages and statistics?
  11. Which company /domain in analytics do you wish to work for?
  12. Any questions for me?
  13. What are the other programs that you have applied to? Why will you choose UTA over others?
  14. Describe your work experience.

The interviewer had my CV open in front of her. So she asked a few questions around my work experience, projects and other activities that I had mentioned.

Among the MSBA programs, UT Austin interviews are comparatively less technical than University of San Francisco etc.

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