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Now open for Fall/Spring 2018!

Want to work with us on your applications? We are working with top students from IIT, IIIT, BITS, NITs, Anna University, Delhi University, Mumbai Univ, VTU, Manipal, VIT, etc.

Due to the high volume of queries, we are only taking phone appointments if you are considering enrolling with us. Check our packages on this page.

You MUST follow ALL these instructions to get a timely and appropriate response.


Please fill out 
this form before you contact us so that we can have your background information. Note that filling this form alone does NOT alert us, so you STILL NEED TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. We do not misuse any of the information filled here, but we cannot entertain any phone calls or email until you have filled this form out.


Go to our calendar on this link and book a time to talk on phone – At this time, we are providing individual advice ONLY to people who are interested in enrolling in one of our counseling packages for Spring/Fall 2018. You can decide whether you want to enroll or not after talking to us but please do not schedule an appointment if you have general questions about studying abroad or our MSBook. For free advice, look at our blog or answers on Quora.

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